Lecturer II, Biochemistry Department

Dr Chukwudoruo S. Chieme

Dr Chukwudoruo Sunday Chieme

Lecturer II

BSc., MSc., PhD



ChukwudoruoChieme hails from Awo-omamma in Oru-east LGA  of Imo State, Born to the family of Chief and Lolo Martins Chukwudoruo in UmuezukweAwo-omamma. I had my Primary education at Oduduwa Primary school in Lagos and proceeded for my secondary education at Gbagada Grammar school Lagos. Currently, I am a lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry, FUTO.


Academic Qualification

  • PhD in Medical Biochemistry/ Biochemical Pharmacology     –    2018
  • M.Sc Biochemistry (with dissertation)    –    2015
  • B.Sc. (Second Class Upper Division) Biochemistry    –   2011



Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology
  • Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Society For Forensic And Analytical Scientists Nigeria

Courses Assigned to Teach

  1. BCH 201( Chemistry of Carbohydrates and Lipids).
  2. BCH 202( Chemistry of Proteins and Nucleic acid).
  3. BCH 307 ( Membrane Biochemistry).
  4. BCH 407 (Bioinorganic Chemistry).
  5. BCH 509(Biochemistry of Foods and Nutrition).
  6. BCH 501( Advanced  Biochemical Methods).
  7. BCH 502 (Applied Enzymology).
  8. BCH 512(Xenobiotics and Forensic Biochemistry).
  9. BCH/PD 603( Instrumentation and Techniques in Biochemistry).
  10. BCH/PD 607(Clinical Biochemistry and Immunochemistry).
  11. BCH/PD 611 (Research Methods and Biostatistics).


Company Name: Nigeria Bottling Company (Coca-cola):     Industrial Training

Address: 1, Lateef Jakande Street, Agidingbi, Ikeja-Lagos

Year:  2009-2010

JobTitle:  Quality Control Personal

Job Function:      Approving and rejecting raw materials, packaging components

Research Interest



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