Professor, Department of Biology

Prof. Rosita I. Okechukwu

Prof. Rosita Ijeoma Okechukwu


B.Sc., PDGE, M.Sc., PhD


Rosita has sound academic qualification and competence. She studied Botany at Imo State University. She proceeded to the University of Jos, where she did her Masters degree in Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology. From the University of Jos to the Federal University of Technology Owerri where her academic pursuit finally landed her to a PhD in Environmental Health Biology. Her research interests are on Environmental health biology, investigation of phytochemicals in herbal remedies for skin diseases in the Tropics, different types of Alternative Energy, Environmental Waste Management, and investigating available non-feed stock sources of biogas, biodiesel etc.

Rosita has the vast administrative experience been the Head of Department of Biology (2012-2016) where she facilitated the development of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes in Biology of the University, which had since resulted in the establishment of a full-fledged and flourishing Department of Biology. Also, she is the chairperson and member of various University Committee including the School of Science Seminar Committee, Student Academic Advisorship, University Senate Committee on Student Violence, School Research Committee, Member, University Environmental Waste Management Committee, among others.

Rosita started lecturing at ABU/FCE Kano as an Assistant lecturer in the Department of Biology in 1996. She later secured a tenure appointment with the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in 2003 as a Lecturer II Staff. Through a high level of commitment to official duties, hard work and scoring more points than required, Rosita was promoted to the rank of Professor in October 2015. She has over fifty publications in referred journals spread across the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, North America. Also, some productive works, 3 books in main discipline, 6 chapters in referred books to her credit. She has attended many conferences, workshop and training spread across the globe. She has supervised 3 PhD and 15 Masters degree students and 40 undergraduate students’ thesis.

Rosita is from Ehime-Mbano LGA of Imo state married with four children.

Academic Qualifications

  • Federal University of Technology Owerri 2002 – 2008 D. Environmental Health Biology
  • University of Jos, 1988-1990 M.Sc. Applied Biology and Plant Pathology
  • Imo State University, Etiti 1982-1986 B.Sc. Botany
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 2000-2002 PGDE


  • “Ezi Ada” Award – Honour by St. Joseph Catholic Church (W.C) Umualumaku. Ehime-Mbano
  • Diamond Mother of St. Mulumba Award of Honour – Presented by St. Mulumba’s Catholic Parish Owerri.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member, Biotechnology Society of Nigeria.
  • Member, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria.
  • Member, Environmental Society of Nigeria
  • Member, Botanical Society of Nigeria
  • Member, Renewable and Alternative Energy Research Group.

Course Code and Courses Assigned to Teach:

  • BIO 101 – Biology for Agriculture and Biological Science I
  • BIO 102 – Biology for Agriculture and Biological Science II
  • BIO 305 – Seedless Plants
  • BIO 304 – Seed Plants
  • BIO 314 – Environmental Biology
  • BIO 415 – Techniques in Biosystematics
  • BIO 508 – Economic Botany
  • BIO 509 – Population Ecology
  • BIO 311 – General Ecology
  • BIO 511 – Seminar Topics in Biology
  • BIO 513 – Research Projects in Biology
  • BIO 819 – Biodiversity and Conservation
  • BIO 821 – Soil Ecology and Water Conservation
  • BIO 823 – Biological Resource Management
  • BIO 825 – Wildlife Conservation and Management
  • BIO 822 – Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BIO 907 – Advanced Biodiversity and Conservation
  • BIO 909 – Advanced Biological Resources Management
  • BIO 905 – Seminar in Environmental Conservation and Management
  • BIO 804 – Research Project

Work Experience

  • ABU/FCE, Kano              –                 1996-2003 (Assistant Lecturer)
  • FUTO                                 –                  2003 – Date (Lecturer II – Professor)
  • FUTO                                 –                  2012-2016 (Ag. HOD, Biology)

Research Interest

  • Environmental Health Biology
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Environmental Waste Management
  • Investigating the phytochemicals in known herbal remedies for skin disease in the tropics
  • Alternative Energy
  • Investigating available non-feed stock sources of Bio-gas, Bio-diesel etc.


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