Lecturer I, Department of Biotechnology

Mrs. Catherine O. Azuwike

Mrs. Catherine Ogechi Azuwike

Lecturer I

BSc., MSc., Ph.D. (In view)


Catherine Ogechi Azuwike lectures full-time in the Department of Biotechnology at Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State. She obtained her B.Sc. in Microbiology at the Abia State University, Uturu in 1993 and M.Sc. in Environmental Health Biology at FUTO in 2005. She is currently concluding her Ph.D. program in Microbiology at ABSU. Her research interest is on Environmental Management and Microbiology. She is a member of such professional bodies as Nigerian Society for Microbiology, (NSM), Foundation of African Development through Biotechnology (FADIB); Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN) and Organization for Women in Science for Developing World (OWSD). She has co-authored publications in both local and international journals, apart from serving as an Academic Adviser in the department from (2013 till date), she has supervised many undergraduate research projects in Biotechnology, presented papers and attended many conferences and workshops. She lives in Owerri, Nigeria, with her family.   


List of Academic & Professional Qualifications with dates

  • Ph.D. (Microbiology) (In-view);
  • M.Sc. (Environmental Health Biology) (2005),
  • National Youth Service Certificate (1994-1995),
  • B.Sc. (Microbiology) (1993);
  • WASCE (1986-1987);
  • FSLC (1981).

Membership of Professional Bodies

  1. Nigerian Society of Microbiology (NSM)
  2. Member, Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN)
  3. Secretary, Women in Science for Developing World, (OWSD) FUTO  Chapter

Course Code and Courses assigned to teach

  • BTC 303 (Cell Biology),
  • BTC 407 ( Comparative Virology),
  • BTC 511 (Bio-resources Management,
  • BTC 517 (Plant Physiology)
  • BTC 514 (Seed Plant);
  • Lecturer I,
  • BTC 312 (Embryology)

Work Experience

  • Assistant Lecturer Biotechnology Dept. FUTO (6th April – 30th September, 2002)
  • Lecturer II, Biotechnology Dept., FUTO (1st October 2012 – 30th 2015)
  • Lecturer I, Biotechnology Dept. FUTO (1st October 2015 – till date)
  • Microbiology Quality Control Analysts, Encristo Pharmaceutical Company, Enugu (1996-1999).
  • Microbiology Quality Control Analysts Mikerson Pharmaceutical Company, Owerri (1999-2000)

Research Interest

  • Microbiology and Environmental Management



List of peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Azuwike, C.O., Ahumibe, N.C., Mgbemena, I.C., Nwanaforo, M. and Braide, W. (2020). Hydrocarbon degradation potential by soil bacteria using vapor-phase and spectrophotometric methods. International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences, 7(4):116-125. ISSN: 2348-8069.
  2. Azuwike C.O., Ekwerike, C.U., Ajuruchi, V.C. and Braide, W. (2019). Antibacterial Susceptibility Pattern of Biofilm Producing Bacteria Isolated from Packaged Drinking Water Sold in Owerri Metropolis, Imo State, Nigeria. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 6(3)33-38. ISSN 2394-3211.
  3. Azuwike Catherine O. Ihejirika Chinedu E, Ajuruchi Vivian Maria C, Ononiwu Ezinne Z. (2015). Antibacterial and Antifungal Potentials of Extract of Caladium Biolor (Spotted Cocoyam) Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. ISSN (Paper) 2224 – 3208 ISSN (online) 2225-093x.
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