Lecturer II, Microbiology Department

Mrs Blessing C. Nwaneri

Mrs Blessing Chioma Nwaneri

Lecturer II

B.Sc. Microbiology (ABSU), M.Sc. Environmental Microbiology (ABSU), PhD Environmental Microbiology (FUTO)


Nwaneri, Chioma. B. is a Lecturer in Microbiology Department, Federal University of Technology Owerri. She holds B.Sc. Microbiology (ABSU), M.Sc. Environmental Microbiology (ABSU) and PhD in- view (FUTO). Her area of specialization is Environmental Microbiology and her research interest is on Waste Management and Renewable Energy Production. She is currently working on the use of Agrowastes in the production of Biogas.


Academic Qualification

  • PhD Environmental Microbiology (FUTO) – In-View
  • M.Sc. Environmental Microbiology (ABSU) – 2011
  • B.Sc. Microbiology (ABSU) – 1997


  • MEMBER – Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM)
  • MEMBER – Foundation for African Development through International Biotechnology (FADIB).
  • MEMBER – Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD).

Courses Assigned to teach:

  • MCB 301,
  • MCB303,
  • MCB 305,
  • MCB 407,
  • MCB 503,
  • MCB509,
  • MCB 515,
  • MCB 302,
  • MCB 310,
  • MCB 504,
  • MCB 512.

Research Interest

Area of specialization: Environmental Microbiology

Research interest: Waste Management and Renewable Energy Production.


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