Senior Technologist, Microbiology Department

Mrs Ugochi N. Kemka

Mrs Kemka Ugochi Nneka

Senior Technologist

BSc. Industrial Microbiology, MSc. Industrial Microbiology



Ugochi Kemka was born to Dr & Mrs R. A. Ejimofor in Klinikum Sterglitz, Berlin, Germany. She attended Grundschule in Berlin and continued her primary education at FUTO staff school, lake Nwaebere Campus, secondary education at Owerri Girls Secondary School, Owerri. She had her first degree at Imo State University and second degree at FUTO. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Biotechnology with a special interest in nanotechnology application in agriculture with respect to enhancement of food quality and crop disease control.

She speaks Igbo, English and German. She is a writer and tutors teens on leadership skills as a hobby.

Academic Qualifications

(List of academic and Professional Qualifications with Dates)

  • BSc. Industrial Microbiology 2001
  • MSc. Industrial Microbiology, 2016.


  • Nigerian Society of Microbiology (NSM).

Courses Assigned to Teach

MCB 201,202,301,302,303,401,405,407,501,503 practicals


  • Nigerian Breweries Kaduna, 1999 (Industrial Attachment),
  • Blue Rose Water, Calabar, 2003-2004 (Quality Assurance Officer, NYSC),
  • Rennys Food, Owerri 2006-2007 (Outlet/Administrative Manager),
  • Imo State Specialist Hospital, Owerri, 2010 (Laboratory Scientist, Global HIV/AIDS, GHAIN Lab),
  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri, 2011 till date (Senior Technologist, Department of Microbiology).

Research Interest

Plant agriculture, agricultural biotechnology and applications.


  1. U. Kemka et al. Enhancement potential of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on white beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) seedlings. Int. letters of natural science vol. 57 pp.11-17, 2016.
  2. U. Kemka et al. Corrosion of high carbon steel by bacteria under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Materials science and applications. vol.10 pp. 227-242, 2019.