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The programme is aimed at producing competent, creative, skilled, ethical, public spirited, intellectually mature, socially responsible, environmentally sensitive and well balanced students in theory and practice, capable of facing a broad spectrum of challenges associated with the design and construction of spaces for human activities.


The department was established in 2011 as Landscape discipline in the School of Environmental Technology and changed to Department of Architecture in 2012. Since its establishment, undergraduate courses in the department have always been accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as well as the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON).

The department offers a 5-year Programme leading to a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree in Architecture.

A career in architecture offers diverse challenges for students interested in creative design and construction of spaces for human activities. And thus for the upcoming Architect, patience becomes a virtue as it takes many years to build a profile as an Architect.

The programme accordingly offers a sound foundation for students from the point of entry to the full membership grade of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) and Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON).


Course Outline

Undergraduate Course Outline


Course Outline

Postgraduate Course Outline


Course Allocation

Undergraduate Studies

Harmattan Semester

2019/2020 Academic Session

 1.ARC. 111: Fundamentals of Design IDr Nelson Okehielem
Arc. Ikenna Edom
Arc. Chigozie Okereke
 2.ARC. 121: Architectural Graphics And Lettering IArc. Prof. Ikechukwu Onyegiri
 3.ARC.  123  Free Hand DrawingArc. Chidi Ukwunna
 4.ARC. 211 Architectural Design IArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
Arc. Chidi Ukwunna
Arc. Mrs Obianuju Diogu
Arc. Ikenna Edom
Arc. Chukwukere U.
Arc. Chigozie Okereke
Arc. Ebolor Alexander
 5.ARC. 221 Architectural Graphics and Lettering IIIArc. Prof. Ikechukwu Onyegiri
Arc. Dr. Steve I. Nwankwo
 6.ARC. 223 Descriptive Geometry IArc. Prof. Ikechukwu Onyegiri
Arc. Tochukwu Amafili
Arc. Ebolor Alexander
 7.ARC. 231 Introduction To Architecture IArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
Arc. S. C. Ozoh
 8.ARC. 241 Building Components and Method IArc. Ike Goodluck C.
Arc. Ebolor Alexander
 9.ARC. 243 Building Materials IArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
Arc. S. C. Ozoh
 10.ARC. 311 Architectural Design IIIDr Nelson Okehielem
Dr Ben Iwuagwu
Arc. Ike Goodluck C.
Arc. Nebeife O. U.
Arc. Shaaba B. A.
Arc. Ubagha
 11.ARC. 333 History of Architecture IIArc. Dr Miriam Chukwuma-Uchegbu
Arc. Mrs. Obianuju Diogu
 12.ARC. 341 Building Components and Method IIIDr Ben Iwuagwu
Dr C. Wokocha
 13.ARC. 343 Building Materials IIIDr. C. Wokocha
Arc. Mrs. Obianuju Diogu
 14.ARC. 315 Architectural Working DrawingArc. Ikenna Edom
Arc. Ike Goodluck C.
Arc. Shaaba B. A.
 15.ARC. 321 Architectural Writing and PresentationArc. Chukwukere U.
 16.ARC. 361 Building Services I (mechanical)Arc. Chukwukere U.
 17.ARC. 401 Architectural Design IVArc. Chidi Asinobi
Arc. Tochukwu Amafili
Arc. S. C. Ozoh
 18.ARC. 405 Theory of Architecture IDr Ben Iwuagwu
 19.ARC. 415 Environmental Control IIArc. Tochukwu Amafili
 20.ARC. 413 Psychology of PerceptionArc. Chigozie Okereke
 21.ARC. 411 DetailingArc. Nebeife O. U.
 22.ARC.407 Building Components and Method IVArc. Nebeife O. U.
 23.ARC. 403 Building Services IArc. Shaaba B. A.
 24.ARC. 501 Advanced Design Studio IArc. Prof. Ikechukwu Onyegiri
Arc. Dr Miriam Chukwuma-Uchegbu
Dr C. Wokocha
 25.ARC. 513 Contract LawArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
 26.ARC. 515 Working DrawingArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
 27.ARC. 503 Building Components and Method VArc. Chidi Asinobi
 28.ARC. 505 Interior DesignArc. Chidi Asinobi
 29.ARC. 507 Building Services in ArchitectureArc. Dr. Miriam Chukwuma-Uchegbu
 30.ARC. 509 Theory of Architecture IIDr Nelson Okehielem
 31ARC. 511 Landscape Architecture TheoryArc. Chidi Ukwunna

Courses outside the department

CAC 201               Computer and Applications

SVG 211                Fundamentals of Surveying

GST 201                Social Science II

MTH 211              Statistics and Probability

SVG 213                Land Surveying and Photogrammetric

ENS 301                Introduction to Entrepreneurship/ Innovation

ARC 309               Building Structures IV

ARC 409               Building Structures V

ARC 345               Building Structures I


Course Allocation

Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Course Allocation

2019/2020 Academic Session
Rain Semester

1ARC. 811A: Advanced Design Studio IIIArc. Prof. Ikechukwu Onyegiri
Arc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
Arc. Dr Solomon Ayo – Odifiri
2ARC. 813A: Advanced Urban DesignArc. Dr Solomon Ayo-Odifiri
3ARC.  815A: Advanced Interior  DesignDr Nelson Okehielem
4ARC. 819A: Advanced Landscape Theory and DesignDr Nelson Okehielem
5ARC. 841A:  Advanced Building Component and Method IArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
6ARC. 845A: Advanced Building Structure IArc. Prof. Ikechukwu Onyegiri
7ARC. 861A: Advanced Building Services IDr Ben Iwuagwu
8ARC. 855A: Architectural AppreciationArc. Dr. Miriam Chukwuma-Uchegbu
9ARC. 857A: Architectural Practice and ManagementArc. Dr Steve I. Nwankwo
10ARC. 853 A: Research MethodologyArc. Dr Solomon Ayo – Odifiri

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Staff List / Staff with Other Responsibilities

Academic Staff

S/NNames of LecturersRankHighest QualificationArea of Specialization
1Arc. Prof. Ikechukwu OnyegiriProfessor (Adjunct)PhD ArchSustainable Architecture
2Arc. Dr S.I. NwankwoSenior (Tenure)PhD ArchEnvironment and Behaviour and Post-Occupancy Evaluation
3Dr Nelson Okehielem               Lecturer l (Tenure)PhD ArchSustainable Architecture
4Arc. Dr Miriam UchegbuLecturer l (Tenure)PhD ArchEnvironment and Behaviour
5Arc. Dr Ben lwuagwuLecturer l (Tenure)PhD ArchUrban Architecture and Development
6Arc. Chidi AsinobiLecturer l (Tenure)M.Tech. ArchHistory of Architecture
7Arc. Chidi UkwunnaLecturer 11 (Tenure)M.Tech. ArchEnvironment and Behaviour
8Dr C. WokochaLecturer 11 (Tenure)PhD ArchSustainable construction materials / Design and performance of Limited Life Geotextiles
9Arc. Tochukwu AmafiliLecturer 11 (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchClimatology and Sustainable Architecture
10Arc. Mrs Obianuju DioguAssistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchBuilding Climatology
11Arc. Ikenna EdomAssistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchSafety
12Arc. S. C. OzohAssistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchLandscape Architecture
13Arc. Ike Goodluck C.Assistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchWell-being and Sustainable Architecture
14Arc. Chukwukere U.Assistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. Arch
15Arc. Chigozie OkerekeAssistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchArchitectural psychology and perception, correctional institutions and housing
16Arc. Ebolor AlexanderAssistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchArchitectural Innovation, Constraint-Based Innovation, Cost Management, Contrarian Housing Finance
17Arc. Nebeife O. U.Assistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. ArchSustainability, environmentally friendly design and integrating alternative energy sources in architectural design.
18Arc. Shaaba B. A.Assistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Tech. ArchHistory of Nigeria leaders as it relate to architectural development.
19Arc. UbaghaAssistant Lect. (Tenure)M.Sc. Arch
20Mr Hamza AbubakarGraduate Asst. (Tenure)B.Sc. ArchDaylighting in Buildings, History of Architecture


List of Technical Staff

S/NName of Technical StaffQualificationDesignation
1Arc. Iria EkhatorB.Sc. Arch, M.Tech. ArchPrincipal Laboratory. Technologist
2Mr Echezona NzeribeHND Architectural TechLab Technologist II
3Mr Onyebuenyi KelechiHND Architectural TechLab Technologist II


List of Administrative Staff

S/NName of Technical StaffQualificationDesignation
8Miss. Ofor UjunraB.A English and Literary StudiesAdmin Assistant
2Mrs Glory N. EzeB.Sc. EconomicsAdministrative Officer
1Mrs Violet U. OkparaB.Sc. Agric.Principal Assistant Registrar
5Mrs Chizoba P. OsujiHND Office Technology and ManagementPrincipal Computer Processor
3Mr Bruno ChikweHND Mass CommunicationPrincipal Executive Officer
7Miss Belinda N. OhagwamB.Sc. Mass CommunicationSenior Clerical Officer
6Mrs Patricia SamuelOND Secretarial StudiesSenior Computer Processor
4Mrs Rosemary O. ObiageriNCE Physical & Health EducationSenior Executive Officer

Staff with other Responsibilities

S/NName of StaffResponsibility/ Responsibilities
1Arc. Dr S.I. NwankwoHOD
2Arc. Dr Nelson Okehielem Chairperson Lecture Series Committee, Academic Adviser
3Arc. Dr Miriam Uchegbu  SOES representative to other schools, Academic Adviser
4Arc. Chidi AsinobiMember In Loco Parentis
5Arc. Chidi UkwunnaAcademic Adviser
6Arc. Tochukwu AmafiliExamination Officer, Quality Assurance Committee Member
7Arc. Mrs Obianuju Diogu Member SIWES Committee, SIWES coordinator for the department, Academic Adviser
8Arc. Ikenna EdomMember Environment and Sanitation Committee, Academic Adviser
9Arc. Ike Goodluck C.Member Library/ICT Committee

Lecture Timetable

2019/2020 SessionClick Here to View/Download

Academic Programme

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

The programme of study leading to the Degree of B. Tech in Architecture takes a total of 10 Semesters. The first year is spent taking general University level courses. The rain Semester of the fourth year on guided/supervised Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). Seven Semesters are spent taking courses in Architecture, and cognate fields and electives. The long vacation periods of the second and fourth years are also spent on SIWES.

Master of Technology (M.Tech.)

Four Semesters of study are required for the degree of Master of Science in Architecture for qualified graduates of the (B.Tech.) programme in Architecture.

Postgraduate Diploma(PGD)

Two Semesters of study are required for the degree of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture for qualified graduates of Bachelor of Technology programme in Architecture with Third Class.

The principal course component areas leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology programmes in Architecture are built around eight major areas of emphases that serve as the instructional modules. These areas of emphasis include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Communication Skills
  • History and Theoretical Studies
  • Building Construction Technology
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Environmental Services
  • Physical Sciences and Information Technology
  • Management Studies and Entrepreneurial Studies
  • The core of the programme consists mainly of:-
  • Studio courses for Architectural design and communication skills.
  • Lecture courses from History and Architectural Theory, and
  • Technical courses from Building Construction Technology, Environmental Control Systems and Management Studies.

The coursework in these areas is designed to expose the student to a broad range of issues, skills and techniques required for the solution of most environmental design and construction problems. They also enable the student to acquire skills of manipulation of space techniques that are required in the creation of three dimensional spaces. The general principles acquired are competently applied to specific architectural design and construction problems. Further to the core courses are cognate and elective courses which are to provide the student the necessary flexibility and variety in knowledge and skill base.

Entry Requirements

Admission requirements for B.Tech

Normal Admission: Minimum of five credits at the Ordinary Level of the General Certificate of Education, or Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, or its equivalent to include- English, Mathematics, Physics and any two subjects from; technical drawing, fine arts, geography, chemistry, biology, land survey, building construction and economics.

Direct Entry:

Candidates with ‘a’ above who obtained G.C.E. Advanced level HSC/IJMB/JUPEB or equivalent passes in mathematics and physics and any other subject specified above in not more than two sittings may be admitted into 200-Level of the program.

Candidates with normal admission requirements and additionally hold OND Certificate in Architecture or allied subject at the upper credit level are eligible for admission into 200 level. Holders of HND with a minimum of Upper Credit Pass are eligible for admission into 300 level.

Admission Requirements for the Master of Technology in Architecture Programme:

This will include successful completion of the programme of study leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Architecture from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, or from another university accredited by the National Universities Commission and recognized by the Senate of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Prospective candidates must have at least a Second Class Lower Division with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 on 5-point scale in addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the postgraduate School.

Admission Requirement for the Postgraduate diploma (PGD) in Architecture Programme:

This will include successful completion of the programme of study leading to the award of the Bachelor of Technology degree in Architecture from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, or from another University accredited by the National Universities Commission and recognized by the senate of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Prospective candidates must have a minimum Third Class Division in Architecture in addition to meeting other requirements of the postgraduate School.


The following facilities can be found in the Administrative Building of the department;

  1. HOD’s Office
  2. General Office
  3. Library Office
  4. DAO’s Office
  5. Staff Offices
  6. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Lab
  7. Conference Room.
  • Studios 1 to 7
  • Photo studio.
HOD’S Office


Office Building


Office Building


Computer Room


Architectural Hall

Dr. Arc. Stephen I. Nwankwo

Head of Department, Architecture