Emmanuel C. Eze

Emmanuel Chidiebere Eze

Assistant Lecturer

ND, BSc., MSc.

A Brief Citation

List of Academic & Professional Qualifications with dates

  1. Master of Technology  in Quantity Surveying (Distinction),   Quantity Surveying.     Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMinna)   2018
  2. Bachelor of Technology  in Quantity Surveying (First Class Honours).   Quantity Surveying,   Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMinna)    2011
  3. National Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Distinction).     Quantity Surveying.   Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa.   2006

List of Honours/Merit Awards received

  1. Prizes and Ward from FUTMinna, 2010/2011 academic session
    • Abubakar Mandibo Kawu’s Prize: for the best overall student of Quantity surveying.
    • Shehu Giwa’s Prize; for the best final year student in Professional practice.
    • Chief E.O Adesoye’s Prize; for the best final year student attaining aggregate mark of 60% and above in Engineering services.
    • NAQSS FUT MINNA Branch Award: for the best graduating student in Quantity surveying 2010/2011 session.
  2. Prizes and Ward from Federal polytechnic Nasarawa, 2005/2006 academic session
    • School of Environmental Sciences Award: for the best graduating student.
    • Departmental AwardBest graduating student in Quantity surveying

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Registered Quantity Surveyor (RQS), with QSRBN    –    2018
  • Member Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (MNIQS)    –   2017
  • Member PMI; Project Management Professional (PMP)  –   2016
  • Graduate Member Nigerian Institute Management (NIM)  –   2013

Research Interest

Quantity surveying, Construction marketing, Innovations and ICT in construction, Construction rework, Sustainable Construction, Contract administration, Productivity and performance evaluation, Project management with specific emphasis in Cost, Schedule, Risk and Quality, Procurement, stakeholders’ management.

List of peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Eze, E., Sofolahan, O., Ugulu, R., & Nwankwo, L. (2021). Influence of construction SMEs Characteristics on Health and Safety (H&S) Deviance Normalisation in Abuja, Nigeria. Construction and Human Settlements Management Journal (CHSMJ), 1(1),17-43
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