Lecturer II, Information Technology Department

Dr Charles O. Ikerionwu

Dr Charles O. Ikerionwu

Lecturer II

BSc. (Chandigarh), MSc. (Jalandhar), MCA (New Delhi), PhD (Glasgow), MNCS, MIEEE, MCPN MBCS, AOPN, INCOSE
Postgraduate Coordinator, Information Technology, SICT



Dr Ikerionwu Charles was a Lecturer at the Department of Computing, INTO Glasgow Caledonian University and School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University before he re-joined FUTO. His over 15 years of successful involvement in computing – software engineering with a full understanding of software development life cycle and technical experience within the academia and industry spans across India, Nigeria and the UK. Currently, he is a member of various research groups involved in research process improvement, software engineering, cybersecurity and Blockchain technology. His PhD study focused on the process of engineering and development of the application software required to process client services in a provider’s domain in an outsourcing relationship. Results show that the software development team embedded reusable software components into an agile framework to quickly develop software with an acceptable level of quality, which reduces the turnaround time in the processing of varying clients’ services.  He has a passion for working out and writing poems.


Academic Qualifications

  • B.Sc. (Chandigarh),
  • M.Sc. (Jalandhar),
  • MCA (New Delhi),
  • PhD (Glasgow)


  1. National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) PhD scholarship award. 2010
  2. Software Lean Quality Assurance 2014
  3. IEEE Virtual Event Program in Africa: Big Data 2017

Professional Memberships: MNCS, MIEEE, MCPN MBCS, AOPN, INCOSE




  1. Advanced Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing
  2. Software Design and Implementation
  3. Software Application (Procedural and OOP)
  4. Management Information System
  5. Computer Architecture – Operating System
  6. Programming languages
  7. Survey of programming language (Procedural)


Research and Analytics: NVivo, SPSS, Matlab, MS Excel Quantitative and Qualitative research methods, User-centred design and implementation Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS Database: MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access Programming: Java, C, C++, C#, Python Web development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.


Work Experience:

  • Lecturer into Glasgow Caledonian University, UK.    –  2015 – 2016
    • Part-time Lecturer in the Department of Part-time Computing


  • Lecturer     –   2011 – 2016
    • Glasgow Caledonian University, UK.
      • As part of my PhD research in the Department of Computers, Communications and Interactive systems, I taught the following courses within Software Engineering module: Web Platform Development, Software Modelling, Analysis and Design, Operating Systems and Security, Software Processes and Practices, Fundamentals of Computing, Honours Research Project Methods, and IT Project Management.


  • Lecturer   – 2009 – present
    • Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Nigeria
      • In the Department of Information Management Technology, I taught the following courses: ­­Management Information System, Object-Oriented Programming, Information and System Security, Web Development and Digital Design.


  • Application Software Developer   –    2006 – 2008
    • Clazbyte Integrated Technologies
      • I was a member of the web-based application software development team. My role also extended to offering IT training to clients. The development tools include HTML, MS SQL and JavaScript. Application programs were developed using VB  6.0 as front end and SQL 2000, Oracle 9i as backend.


  • Lecturer   –   2004-2005
    • Lighthouse Polytechnic, Benin. Nigeria
      • I designed and supervised the establishment of a functional computer laboratory.  My specific roles include the teaching of Object-Oriented Programming, Computer hardware assembling, and maintenance.


Includes but not limited to:

  • Software process improvement
  • Blockchain technology
  • Data Science
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity


Specialization: Software Engineering, DevOps, Blockchain Technology, Outsourcing, Web programming.


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