Senior Lecturer, Information Technology Department

Dr Josiah Ahaiwe

Dr Josiah Ahaiwe

Senior Lecturer




  1. NYSC at Joint Komputer Kompany , Bodija, Ibadan – (1983– 1984)
  2. Employed as Software Engineer at Joint Komputer Kompany, Ilupeju, Lagos (1984 – 1985).
  3. Employed as Systems Engineer at Worldwide information Systems (Honeywell Computers), 1985 – 1994.
  4. In 1986 received training in operating systems and business product marketing in Milan – Italy.
  5. In 1987 Promoted to Business Systems Manager.
  6. Joviks Scientific Technologies Ltd; Ojodu, Ikeja, Lagos, Principal Consultant, 1994 – 2002.
  7. Employed as Lecturer II at Federal University of Technology, Owerri, (2002).
  8. Retired as Senior Lecturer in 2016.
  9. Employed as contract staff  at Federal University of  Technology, Owerri,


  1. Alabama A & M University (Academic honours list)
  2. Alabama, Madison County ( Service Award)
  3. ROTARACT CLUB OF FUTO (Service Award)

Professional Membership: MNCS, NCS




  1. Data Processing and Information Technology
  2. Software Development
  3. Computer organization.
  4. management Information Systems
  5. File organization and Database Management Systems
  6. Data Communication and Distributed Systems.
  7. Software Design and Implementation


His research covers the optimization of drivers of software development but sometimes I work on knowledge systems.

Speciality: Information Systems


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