Reader, Information Technology Department

Dr Mrs Udoka F. Eze

Dr (Mrs) Udoka Felista Eze


BSc., MSc., PhD
Ag. Director, University Computer Center, FUTO


Dr. (Mrs.) U.F Eze, a Reader in the Department of Information Management Technology (I.M.T.), Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria, She served as the Head of the department of I.M.T. from June 2012 _ June  2016. She started her teaching career as a Graduate Assistant from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state before joining FUTO.  She obtained her B.Sc. degree in Computer Science in 1996, M.Sc. (Computer Science) in 2001 and PhD (Computer Science) in 2008 from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Currently, Dr. (Mrs.) U.F. Eze is the Acting Director of University Computer Center, Federal University of Technology, Owerri. She has equally served as a Leader and Coordinator in various academic institutions and religious organizations. She has authored and co-coauthored two textbooks plus one in production.  Dr. (Mrs.) U.F. Eze is happily married to an amiable husband, Engr. Eze Vigor Ikechukwu and loving children: Vivian Chinonye, Vincent-Vigor Chidiebere and Vitalis Ikechukwu Eze.

Academic Qualifications:  BSc, MSc, PhD (Computer Science)



Professional Academic Awards/Honours

  • First, Award of Honor as “STAR MOTHER” by St Michaels Catholic Women Organization in recognition of commitment to the work of God, Humanity and the Church (2012).
  • Secondly, Merit Award as the “MOTHER OF THE DEPARTMENT”, Information Management Technology (IMT) Department, 2013.
  • Thirdly, Award of Honor of “WOMAN OF DISTINCTION” by St Michaels Catholic Men Organization in recognition of distinctive qualities as a mother and contribution to the Church and Humanity (2015).
  • Fourth, “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” by National Association of Information Technology Students in recognition of sterling contribution to the growth of the Information Management Technology (IMT) Department, FUTO (2015).
  • Fifth, Award of Honor as “GREAT WOMAN ACHIEVER” by Umuahia Dioceses Catholic Women Organization in (2018).

Courses Assigned to Teach

She handles the following courses:

Database Systems, Data Mining, Systems Analysis, MIS, Gender Issues, and Software Engineering.

Teaching and Professional Experience

Full-time Post Masters teaching in a University or at an equivalent level (with Dates, Employees, Post held): Thought PhD courses in FUTO; 2009/2010 Session till Date

  1. Computer-Link Training Centre, Onitsha (Industrial Training) 1994
  2. Symac Printing Design Ltd. (Desktop Publishing) Onitsha (I.T) 1995

Research Interest:  Database Systems,  Data Mining and Gender Issues.



  1. Computerized Health-Care Information Management System.
  2. Automated Result Processing.
  3. Data Mining Model for Management of Data warehouse in Tertiary Institutions


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Books in main discipline and published by reputable publishers at the following levels:

University Text:

  1. Computer Fundamentals: An Integrated Approach
  2. Computer Operation Made Easy:  A Practical Approach