Dr Ibeawuchi Chibueze Nze

Dr Ibeawuchi Chibueze Nze

Senior Lecturer

BSc., MSc., PhD
Email: elibechibu@yahoo.comnze.ibeawuchi@futo.edu.ng
Office Phone:  +2348037780880


The increasing demand for transportation has been a driving force for governments to allocate significant portions of their annual budgets to the transport sector.

Maritime transport to be specific, enjoy economies of scale-where large quantities of cargo can be transported at the relatively cheaper unit price.

The ports as a component of the maritime transport serve as a gateway to a nations economic development. When ships call to a port, economic activities are created. This continues to generate direct, indirect and induced effects, which ripples through the economy given rise to a significant multiplier effect.

Since investment in seaports can create enormous impact, it becomes imperative to study and analyze the operations in ports, in other to forecast future trends. This is important due to the globalization of the maritime sector.

Therefore, Nigerian ports must be positioned to be efficient and competitive by providing adequate infrastructures and superstructures. Approach channels to the ports must be dredged to meet technological trends. The dredging of the lower Niger River would boost regional and national economies. However, adequate considerations should be made to the adjourning communities with respect to the externalities and social costs arising from such marine activities or project.

Academic Qualifications

  • B.Tech., 2002, Transport(Maritime) Management Technology, FUTO
  • M.Sc., 2008, Maritime Management Technology, FUTO
  • PhD, 2014, Maritime Management Technology, FUTO
  • Cert., 2009, Advanced Software Technology, CMC- TATA Academy, New Delhi
  • Cert., 2014, Andragogy, Freight Forwarding & Supply-Chain Management, Multimix Academy, Lagos


  • The World Bank, Science and Technology Post Basic (STEP B) Award for PhD research, 2010

Active membership of relevant professional body(ies) :

  1. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), USA.
  2. Institute of Transport Administration (IoTA), Nigeria.
  3. Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarders in Nigeria (CRFFN), Nigeria.
  4. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Nigeria.

Work Experience

  • Oil industrial services Port Harcourt (Industrial Training), 1999
  • Remission Investment Ltd. Lagos (Industrial Training), 2001
  • Real Services Ltd, Port Harcourt (Vacation Job), 2003
  • Transport Unit, Owu-Isin LGA, Kwara State (National Youth Service), 2004
  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri (Lecturing), 2005 – Date
  • Member, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers(SNAME), 2008
  • Chartered Member, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport(CILT), 2018
  • Member, Institute of Transport Administration Nigeria(IoTA), 2013
  • Member, Council for Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria(CRFFN), 2014

Technical technology reports:

The Cross River State Study Group on Sustainable Transportation, June 2015.

Teaching and Professional Experience

  1. Marine Logistics Officer, Real Services Ltd, Port Harcourt. IT. (Sept. 2004- Feb. 2005)
  2. Oil Industrial Services, Port Harcourt. IT (June – Sept. !999)
  3. Remission Investment Ltd, Lagos. IT (June- Nov. 2001)
  4. Ministry of Transport, Kwara State. NYSC (August 2003- August 2004).
  5. The Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO). Lecturing (Febuary,2005- Date).

Conference and Learning Societies Activities

  1. NUC/ AAU Regional Capacity- Building Workshop on Quality Assurance, Abuja, Nov. 2008.
  2. Courses on Advanced Software Technology, M Academy, New Delhi India. Sept. – Nov. 2009.
  3. Conference on Entrepreneurial development, SMAT, FUTO, February 2013.
  4. CRFFN Training of Trainers Workshop, Multimix Academy, Lagos. January 2014.
  5. National Inland Water Authority (NIWA) International Conference and Exhibition, Lagos. August 2014.
  6. The Nigerian Universities Electronic Teaching and Learning Platform Workshop, Spectrum Engineering Ltd., ICT, FUTO. December 2015.
  7. World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) / Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) International Maritime Convention. Rode Islands, USA. November 2015.
  8. Speed Networking Workshop, CRID FUTO. February 2016.
  9. CRID Workshop on Sustaining the University Research Enterprise- From Research Conceptualization, Incubation to Research Translation. CRID, FUTO. June 2016.

University Administration with dates:

  • Academic/ Class Adviser MMT department. 2005- Date.
  • Center for Continuing Education (CCE) Deputy Coordinator for MMT department. 2011- 2014.
  • Center for Continuing Education (CCE) Coordinator for MMT department. 2014- 2015.
  • Deputy PG Coordinator, MMT department. 2011- Date
  • Centre for Human Resources Development (CHRID), Coordinator for MMT department. 2016- Date
  • Center for Continuing Education (CCE) Coordinator for MMT department. 2017- Date.

Membership of the university/school committee in this university with dates:

  1. Member, the Departmental Committee on the re-absorption of 200 level students of MMT formally merged with TMT by NUC. November 2007.
  2. Chairman, Departmental Welfare committee. 2009- Date.
  3. Member, SMAT Board Electoral Committee for Deanship. 2015.
  4. Member, ASUU Electoral Committee. 2015.
  5. Dean (SMAT) Representative to the SEET Board of Studies. 2015- 2016.
  6. Dean (SMAT) Representative to SOPS Board of Studies. 2016- Date.


  1. Pioneer President, Amuzi Undergraduate Association. 2002- 2004.
  2. Secretary-General, St. Judes Parish Alter boys Association. 1992- 2001
  3. Secretary-General, Amuzi 95 Students Association. 2002- 2014.
  4. Director of Education, Trans Consulting Agency. 2004- Date.
  5. Member, Group delivering lectures for SWAN Imo State. 2006- 2011.
  6. Secretary General, Chimereze Age Grade, Okoro na Okazi, Amuzi. 1999- 2005.
  7. Member, Group delivering cultural lectures at Mbaise National Convention USA. November 2015.
  8. Member, Real Love Fellowship, St. Antoninus Catholic Parish Newark, NJ. The USA. 2015- Date.

Research Interests

  • Human Systems Initiatives onboard vessels, Seafarers’ productivity, offshore waste management, marine automation and auxiliaries
  • Seaport investment and Offshore logistics, Economic/Environmental Impact Assessment and Offshore waste management
  • Optimization and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Techniques, Optimization of port operations/ Short Sea Shipping Cost and application of SEM to maritime operations

Primary Teaching Area

Maritime Management Technology

Selected Publications

  1. C. Nze and G.N. Okeudo, International Transport Workers Federation and Seafarers Productivity. Journal of Research in National Development. Vol.2, No.2, June 2004.
  2. C. Nze and K.U. Nnadi, Economic Impact Assessment of Nigerian Ports: A Disaggregate Analysis, The Nigerian Journal of Energy and Environmental Economics, Vol.3/4, No.2/3, December 2009/June 2010.
  3. C.Nze and B.C.Asiegbu, Techniques for Optimization of Seaport Operation in Nigeria: A scenario for Emerging River Ports in Nigeria, IISTRD West African Journal of Industrial and Academic Research, Vol.6, No.1, March 2013.
  4. C. Nze and G.N. Okeudo, Empirical Evaluation of the Maritime Industry Contribution to the Nigerian Economy. International Journal of Current Research, Vol.5, Issue,06, pp 1355-1359, June 2013.
  5. Ibeawuchi C. Nze, Analysis of the Fatality Rates of Boat and Ferry Accident on Inland Waterways in Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Business and Management(IOSR-JBM), Vol.11, Issue2, May-June,2013,pp17-20.
  6. C.Nze and C.C.Ibe, A Critical Review of Port operations Management Problem in Nigeria: A Mathematical Programming Approach. IOSR Journal of Business Management (IOSR-JBM) Accepted for publication December 2013 (In view).
  7. Ibeawuchi C. Nze, A Progress Report on Economic Impact Assessment of River Ports in Nigeria: A Scenario Analysis. International Journal of Development Research (IJDR) Accepted for publication January 2014 (In view).
  8. Nwokedi, T.C., Okoroji, L.I., Nze, I.C., and Ndukwu, I.P., Oil Exploration Waste Management Practices: Comparative Analysis for Reduction in Hazardous E & P Waste Generation in Offshore Platforms in Nigeria. IISTE Journal of Environment and Earth Science. Vol. 5 No. 4, 2015.
  9. Okeudo, G.N., Nze, I.C., Ejike, I.C.and Chikwendu, D.U. Analysis of Accident Fatality Factors and Disaster Management in Nigerian Airports. International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research. Vol.1, Issue 3, August 2016.
  10. Ibe, C.C., Okeudo, G.N., Nze, I.C., and Chikwendu, D.U. Analysis of the Trend of Fatality Rates of Air Accidents in Nigeria. International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Management Research. Vol. 1, Issue 3, August 2016.
  11. Ibeawuchi C. Nze, Innocent C. Ogwude, Kenneth U. Nnadi and Callistus C. Ibe, Modelling the Relationship between Demand for River ports services and Vessel supply Cost: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria. Online Science Publishing (OSP), Global Journal of Social Science Studies, Vol. 2, No. 3, October 2016.
  12. C. Nze, I. C. Ogwude, K. U. Nnadi and C. C. Ibe, Cost Optimization Models of Port Operations in Nigeria: a Scenario for Emerging River Ports. Journal of Maritime Research vol. XIII. No. III (2016) pp 39- 46. www.jmr.unican.es
  13. Ibeawuchi C. Nze, Kenneth U. Nnadi, Callistus C. Ibe, and Innocent C. Ogwude, A Disaggregate Analysis of Inland Waterways Transport and Road Haulage in Nigeria. International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications. Accepted for Publication July 2016(In view).
  14. Ibeawuchi C. Nze, Callistus C. Ibe, Kenneth U. Nnadi and Innocent C. Ogwude. A Comparative Study of Inland Waterways Transport and Road Haulage in Nigeria. International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT & Management. Acknowledged for ongoing review July 2016 (In view).
  15. Declan N. Dike and Ibeawuchi C. Nze. Driver Impulses within Traffic and Journey Conditions: A Gender Differential Approach. International Journal of Advancement In Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Science (IJAETMAS) Vol. 04, Issue 06, June 2017.
  16. Nze, I.C. and Onyemechi, C. (2018). Port Congestion determinants and impacts on logistics and supply chain network of five African ports. Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics, 3(1), 70- 82.doi:10.14254/jsdtl.2018.3-1.7.
  17. Dike, D.N., Akponye, M.C., and Nze, I.C. (2018). Assessment of motorists’ compliance to seat belt regulation in Nigeria. International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research, 5(3), 166- 180. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1218168.
  18. Nze, I.C., Okeudo, G.N., Dike, D.N. and Nze, N.J., Effects of Dredging Operations on Fishing Sites in the Niger Delta Basin Nigeria. Oceanography & Fisheries Open Access Journal. Vol. 7 issue 1 April 2018.

Minor productive work

  1. B. Tech Thesis
  2. M.Sc. Thesis
  3. PhD Thesis

Major productive work (such as technological inventions. significant and useful technological designs, construction of useful products, pilot plant developments in techniques or in teaching or organizational methods etc):

  1. Pioneered the design of ‘Shortcut / Alternative Spread Sheet’ for preparing the results of graduating students in MMT and TMT departments.
  2. Pioneered the Application of Optimization techniques and modelling: input-output (I-O) techniques, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) techniques, and Linear Programming (LP) techniques to solving real-life maritime/ port operations problems in MMT and TMT departments.

Books in main discipline and published by a reputable publisher:

  1. Ibeawuchi Nze (In Press). Cost Optimization Models of Port Operations in Nigeria. Lambert Academic Publishing / Omni Scriptum Publishing. One World Centre, New York USA.
  2. Ibeawuchi Nze (2018) Economic Impact Assessment of Nigerian Ports: a Disaggregate Analysis. Lambert Academic Publishing / Omni Scriptum Publishing. Latvia, Europe.

 Chapters in research books:

  1. Ibeawuchi C. Nze and Gladys C. Emenike. Inland Waterways Transport and Hinterland Development in Nigeria. In: Emenike, G.C.(ed)., Essentials of Logistics and Transportation in a Developing Economy. Published by University of Port Harcourt Press Ltd.
  2. Ibeawuchi C. Nze, Skin Friction and Resistance in Ships. In: Ogwude, I. C., Ibe, C.C. and Mobolaji, M.S. (eds.) (In View). Transport Management: Reflections from an Emerging Economy. Textbook Manuscript for Publication.