School of Engineering and Engineering Technology

About us


The vision of the School of Engineering & Engineering Technology (SEET) is to become a Centre of excellence in Engineering, Science and Technology for the training of high-level manpower capable of contributing to the development of society.


The mission of the School of Engineering & Engineering Technology is to identify scientific problems and needs of the Society and profer solutions to them through high-skilled scientific teaching and groundbreaking research.


The School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) was established in 1982. The School like other schools in the University has different programmes areas with specific degree programmes. At inception, the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology had six programmes namely;

  1. Agricultural Engineering and Engineering Technology
  2. Petroleum Engineering and Engineering Technology
  3. Civil Engineering and Engineering Technology
  4. Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Engineering Technology
  5. Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Technology
  6. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Engineering Technology

The School has grown over the years to its current capacity of 10 Departments. The School was established with the aim of providing in-depth academic/practical training in the student’s professional area of interest with extensive practical exposure to broad Engineering discipline and practical Engineering Techniques so as to produce graduates that are sound in their professional field while possessing easily identifiable and readily applicable expertise. In other to broaden and increase the horizon of their academic and practical training, the students are exposed to courses in social sciences, humanities and management during their stay in the University. There are presently 10 programme areas/departments that make up the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology. They are as follows:

  1. Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering (ABE)
  2. Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  3. Civil Engineering (CIE)
  4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  5. Food Science and Technology (FST)
  6. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME)
  7. Mechanical Engineering (MEE)
  8. Mechatronics Engineering (MCE)
  9. Petroleum Engineering (PET)
  10. Polymer and Textile Engineering (PTE)

The various departments also offer Post Graduate degrees such as PGD, M.Eng, M.Sc, PhD.

The school of Engineering is currently housed in the Engineering complex building. Though some departments like Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering are resident in their own buildings. Administratively, the school is headed by the Dean who is assisted by the Associate Dean, with the Heads of various Departments in the school coordinating the affairs of the departments and reporting to the dean. The Dean also has a retinue of administrative officers and their support staff in his team.

The following has been Dean from the inception:

S/N Names of Past Dean Department Period in Office
1 Engr Prof. C. O. G Obah EEE 1982-1987
2 Prof. J. O Duru AGE (now ABE) 1987-1991
3 Prof. V. O Nwoko MME 1991-1992
4 Engr Prof. A. U Chukwu EEE 1992-1996
5 Engr Prof. G. U Ojiako CIE 1996-1999
6 Engr Prof. J. I Ejimanya EEE 1999-2004
7 Engr Prof. O. O Onyemaobi MME 2004-2008
8 Engr Prof. O. N Oguoma MEE 2008-2010
9 Engr Prof. E. E Anyanwu MEE 2010-2015
10 Engr Prof. G. O Nwadinkom ABE 2015-2019
11 Engr Prof. J. C Ezeh CIE 2019 to date

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