Mrs Gladys Uche Asonye

Asonye Gladys

Mrs Gladys Uche Asonye

Lecturer I



Research Interest: Crop Processing and Storage, Value addition, Post-Harvest and Bio-resources Technology.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • WASSCE – 2000.  –  Government Girls High School, Ipaja. Lagos. Nigeria
  • Diploma in Computer Studies. 2002.   –  Danco Computer Institute, Agege, Lagos.
  • B.Eng.  –  2005.  –  Agricultural Engineering.  FUTO
  • M.Sc.  –  2010.  –  Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (Crop Processing and Storage). University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  • PhD. (In View). – Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, FUTO.


  • Best Student. 1997. JSCE. Government Girls’ High School, Ipaja. Lagos. Nigeria
  • Nominee. Excellent Performance. 1999 Cowbell Mathematics Competition Lagos State.
  • Principal’s Prize Award. 2000.  Government Girls High School, Ipaja. Lagos. Nigeria.
  • Best Graduating Student. 2005 (Power and Machinery), Agricultural Engineering, FUTO.
  • Award Winner. 2017. Nigerian Breweries Award for Young Agripreneurs.


  • Iroakazi, G.U. 2005. The design and construction of a motorized ginger slicer. (B.Sc. Project, FUTO)
  • Iroakazi, G.U. 2009. The effect of air pollution on ‘ready-to-eat food items’ and the health implications. (M.Sc. A Seminar, U.I.)
  • Iroakazi, G.U. 2010. The design, construction and performance evaluation of a manual ‘African oil bean seed’ slicer. (M.Sc. Project, U.I.)
  • S.N. Asoegwu, G.U. Iroakazi, L.A.S. Agbetoye and A.S. Ogunlowo. 2011.  ‘Effects of moisture content on the frictional properties of African Breadfruit seeds. Proceedings of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers.  ‘Ilorin 2011’ vol32  pp 639-653.
  • Aremu A.K. and Iroakazi G.U. 2013.  Ergonomic evaluation of an African Oil bean (PentaclethraMacrophyllaBenth) seed (3)2
  • Aremu A.K. and Iroakazi G.U.  2013.  Development And Evaluation Of A Machine For Slicing African Oil Bean (Pentaclethramacrophyllabenth) Seeds. African Journal Online (18): 1-2.
  • Asonye, G.U.; S.N. Asoegwu and O.H. Ohaeri. 2014. Effect of Moisture Content on some Physical and Frictional Properties of African Locust Bean (Pakiabiglobosa). Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (JAET).22 (4): 24-37
  • Asonye, G.U., E.C. Abbah and S. N. Asoegwu.  2014. Bio-Fuel for Sustainable Development In A Growing Economy. Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology. (JAET).22(4); 134-142
  • K.N. Nwaigwe, V.C. Okafor, G.U. Asonye, J.C. Nwokocha. 2015.Analysis of Tuber Storage Techniques in Africa: 2015 American Society of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering Annual International Meeting, 2015.
  • Asonye G. U., Nnamani C. E., Alaka, C.A. 2015. Design and Fabrication Ofa Remote Controlled System fora, Hydraulic Jack. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (Irjet). Volume: 02 Issue: 07 | Oct-2015.
  • Asonye G. U., S. N. Asoegwu, J. N. Maduako, C. N. Madubuike. 2018.  Energy requirements for cutting of selected vegetables: A review.Agricultural Engineering International: CIGRJournal (Accepted for publication).
  • Asonye G. U., S. N. Asoegwu, J. N. Maduako, C. N. Madubuike. 2018. A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Cutting Energy of Cocoyam (Colocasiaesculenta).Arid Zone Journal Of Engineering, Technology and Environment. (Accepted for publication)
  • Asonye G. U., S. N. Asoegwu, J. N. Maduako, C. N. Madubuike. 2018. A  Mathematical Model for Predicting the Cutting Energy of Okra(Abelmoschusesculentus L.)  12th CIGR Section VI International Symposium at International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan, Nigeria on 22-25 October 2018. (Accepted for presentation)

Minor Productive Works

  • A manual can opener
  • An electric bulb holder
  • A smart lamp
  • A vegetable grater
  • A simple watering can
  • Pot handlers
  • Pine-apple juice extractor
  • Remote controlled hydraulic jack
  • A desiccant integrated dryer


  • Co-supervisor (2012)  –  Effect of moisture content on the frictional properties of African breadfruit seed
  • Co-supervisor (2013)  –  Design and fabrication of a cassava peeling and washing machine
  • Supervisor (2015)  –  Development of a remote-controlled hydraulic jack
  • Supervisor (2016)  –  Development of a desiccant integrated convective dryer
  • Supervisor (2017)  –  Comparative analysis of a desiccant integrated and non-desiccant Integrated convective dryer
  • Supervisor (2018)  –  Development of an automated cutter for selected crops.


  1. Participant:  The 3-day mandatory continuing professional education (MPCE)by the Nigerian Society of Engineers in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.  2013
  2. Participant:  ‘Ilorin 2011’11th International Conference and 32nd Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institution Of Agricultural Engineers.

Paper delivered:  Effect of Moistures Content on the Frictional Properties of African Breadfruit seed.

  1. Participant: Leadership workshop for FUTO STAFF by the APWEN, Owerri branch. 2011.
  2. Participant: Talk shop on Entrepreneurial Development in Agricultural Engineering by ABE, FUTO on Wed 22nd May 2013.
  3. Participant: Seminar on ‘Award Winning Research’ by the School of Agricultural and Agricultural Technology, FUTO- 2013.
  4. Participant: Seminar on US Government scholarship programme by US Consulate in Nigeria – 2013
  5. Participant: Carrier talk @ FutoInternationalSchool Owerri by APWEN – 11th June 2014.
  6. Participant: 3rd International Conference by the centre for Women, Gender and Development studies, FUTO. 28th – 31st July 2014.
  7. Participant: ‘FUTA 2014’, 15th International Conference and 35th Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers, 22nd – 26th September 2014.

Paper presented:  Bio-fuel for Sustainable Development in a growing Economy.

  1. Participant: Land of Promise 2016, the International Engineering Conference of Nigerian Society of Engineers, 21st – 25th November 2016.

Active Membership Of Relevant Professional Bodies

  • Member: Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers. (MNIAE)
  • Member: Nigerian Society of Engineer(28,972)
  • Registered Engineer: Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. (R.27,824)
  • General Secretary: Association ofProfessional Women Engineers of Nigeria, (OwerriChapter).


  • Member: Departmental Handbook Committee (ABE), FUTO  –   2012
  • Member: Welfare Committee (ABE), FUTO  –  2013 – 2016
  • Member: Accreditation Sub-committee on Academic Content (ABE)  –  2016.
  • Member: Planning Committee for Student Orientation (ABE)  –  2015, 2016, 2018
  • Member: Quality Assurance Committee (ABE) –  2017
  • Teaching of Undergraduate and Postgraduate(PGD) students, FUTO.  –  2011 Till date
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate (PGD) Students, FUTO.  –  2012 till date


  • Agripreneur:  Breeding and Processing of Snails(UNIQUE SNAIL FARM)
  • Author:  Novel Titled ‘NO HOPE IS LOST’For General Readership (Unpublished)
  • Author:  Revision Made Easy in Mathematics for Secondary Schools(Published)
  • Author:  ‘YOUR HANDWRITING IS YOU’ Book for General Readership.
  • Author:  ‘I FORGOT TO LIVE AND OTHER POEMS’ for General Readership.
  • Organizer/Speaker –  Women and Girls Groups Programmes on Gender-Related Issues.

Driving the Culture of Excellence