Engr. Dr. Okore Okay Okorafor


Engr. Dr Okore Okay Okorafor

Lecturer I
Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering (A.B.E)
School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (S.E.E.T.)



Specific areas of research cover the following aspects;

  • Environmental sustainability and Management
  • Soil Erosion and Environmental Degradation
  • Water Resources Management
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Studies


  • PhD (2017): Federal University Of Technology, Akure (FUTA)
  • M.Eng (2013): Federal University Of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)
  • B.Eng (2008): Federal University Of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)


  • Corporate Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
  • Registered Engineer, Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
  • Member, Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE)
  • Member, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)


  • Member, Departmental Board
  • Member, School/Faculty Board
  • Member, Postgraduate Board
  • Chairman, Departmental Welfare Officer
  • Departmental Library officer
  • Course Adviser


  • Okorafor, O.O, Akinbile, C.O and A.J.Adeyemo, (2018), Determination of soils erodibility factor (K) for selected sites in Imo State, Nigeria. Resources and Environment, 8(1):6-13.
  • Okore Okay Okorafor, Christopher Oluwakunmi Akinbile and Adebayo Jonathan Adeyemo (2017), Determination of Cover-crop Management Factor (C) for selected sites in Imo State using remote sensing and GIS. Environment and Sustainability, 1(4): 110-116.
  • Okorafor, O.O, Akinbile, C.O and A.J.Adeyemo, (2017), Conservation and Support Management practices for Environmental Sustainability in Imo State, Nigeria. 38th NIAE Conference Proceedings 38(1):418-423.
  • Okorafor, O.O, Akinbile, C.O and A.J.Adeyemo, (2017), Soil Erosion in Southeastern Nigeria: A Review. Scientific Research Journal 5(9): 30-37.
  • Okorafor, O.O, Akinbile, C.O, A.J.Adeyemo and C.C Egwuonwu, (2017), Determination of rainfall erosivity Index (R) for Imo State, Nigeria. American Journal of Engineering Research 6(2): 13-16.
  • Anyanwu, V.K, Egwuonwu, C.C, Okorafor, O.O and M.I. Chikwue (2017), Reliability Studies of Six Evapotranspiration Models for Awka in Southeastern Nigeria. International Journal of Agriculture and Bioresources, 6(5): 227-230.
  • Okorafor, O.O, Egwuonwu C.C, Chikwue, M.I, Okafor, V.C and C. Nzediegwu, (2015), Flood Frequency Analysis of Otamiri River Catchment Area Using Gumbels Distribution Method. International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering 5(10): 205-211.
  • Okorafor, O.O, Okereke, N.A.A and C. C. Egwuonwu,(2013),”Evaluation of the Hydropower Potential of Otamiri River for Electric Power Generation”, Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology. 6(24): 4541-4547.
  • Okorafor, O.O, Nzediegwu, C., Duruanyim, I.L and C.C. Egwuonwu,(2013), Design of Drip Irrigation System for a Pineapple Orchard for F.U.T.O School farm. Greener Journals of Agricultural Sciences. 3(6): 497-502.
  • Egwuonwu, C.C, Okafor, V.C, Ezeanya, N.C, Nzediegwu, C. and O. Okorafor,(2012), A Comparison of the Reliability of Six Evapotranspiration Computing Models for Abeokuta in South-Western Nigeria, Greener Journals of Physical Sciences. 2(4):64-69.
  • Nzediegwu, C., Duruanyim, I.L, Madubuike, C.N, Okorafor, O.O, Egwuonwu, C.C and E.C. Chukwuma,(2013), Development of Local Flood Alarm System for Riverine Flood Forecasting. Greener Journal of Management and Public Safety, 2(6):200-209.

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