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Agricultural Engineering is the discipline that deals with the design, production, utilization and management of technical means and processes for the production, storage, treatment and processing of agricultural goods. As a profession, Agricultural Engineering seeks to apply the principles of Engineering and Technology to the solution of various problems in the biological world, both plant and animal, to design or develop efficient and environmentally sensitive methods for managing and producing food, fibre, timber, and renewable energy for the people of the world.

It has been redefined as the discipline of engineering that applies engineering principles and fundamental concepts of biology to agricultural and biological systems and tools, ranging in scale from molecular to ecosystem level, for safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive production, processing and management of agricultural, biological, food and natural resources systems.


Agricultural Engineering undergraduate curriculum in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri which came into effect in the 1982/83 Session and offering Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.Eng.) is tailored to providing an engineering education that cuts across many other related fields of engineering and their applications in the agro-food and biological industries. This is because Agricultural Engineering is an integrating discipline that tries to realize and implement ideas identified as useful and necessary by other disciplines. In a bid to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation and taking into account the agricultural development needs of Nigeria and the type of job expected to be done by the graduate.

The Department presently offers B.Eng. in two options;

  1. Farm Power and Machinery Engineering Technology
  2. Soil and Water Engineering Technology
Chilakpu K Ogueri

Engr. Dr. Kingsley Ogueri Chilakpu

Head of Department, Agricultural and Bioresources EngineeringView Profile

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