Chemical Engineering Department

About us


In October 1987, the Senate of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri approved the commencement of the Chemical Engineering Programme. In the same year, the programme was merged with Petroleum Engineering Programme to form the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering with Dr I. A. Njiribeako (now Late Prof.  I. A. Njiribeako) as the first Head of Department (1987 – 1992). Dr B. Obah (now Prof. B. Obah)  became the second Head of Department (1992 – 1996), followed successively by Dr K. O. Okpala, (now Engr. Prof. K. O. Okpala) (1996 – 2000), Dr E. E. Effiong, (now Prof. E. E. Effiong) (2000 – 2002), Prof. O. P. Nwammuo (late) (2002 – 2004), Engr. Dr K. B. Oyoh (Now Engr. Prof. K. B. Oyoh) (2004 – 2008), Dr O. C. Ndukwe (now Prof. O. C. Ndukwe) (2008 – 2011), Engr. Prof. K. B. Oyoh (2011 – 2012), Engr. Dr M. S. Nwakaudu (now Engr. Prof. M.S. Nwakaudu) (2012 – 2015), Engr. Dr E. O. Onyelucheya (2015 – 2017) and Engr. Dr. (Mrs)  F. L. Kamen (2017 – 2019). The current Head of Department is Engr. Dr I. S. Ike (2019). The Chemical Engineering Programme graduated its first set of students during the 1992/93 Session.

Having consolidated in the Undergraduate Programme, the Department started the Master of Engineering (M.Eng) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programmes in 1997/98 session, offering courses and providing facilities for research in the following areas of Chemical Engineering:

  1. Chemical Reaction Engineering
  2. Process plant design (Computer Aided)
  3. Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Processes
  4. Separation Processes
  5. Refinery Engineering
  6. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  7. Systems Dynamics and Control
  8. Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

Our Vision

Our team of academic, technical and support staff are committed to the vision to maintain and build its reputation as a world-leading hub of knowledge and development in the fields of Chemical Engineering in Nigeria, Africa and beyond, and to render excellent and outstanding service to our students. This is perfectly in line with the University’s mantra, “Driving the Culture of Excellence”.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at FUTO aims to educate students in modern process engineering principles and prepare them for lifelong professional growth and a dynamic range of careers.

We boast staff who are experts in various field of engineering and, apart from being committed lecturers, are also actively involved in cutting edge research activities that span a range of areas in Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Our approach is to integrate the fundamentals of science and the principles of process engineering into multi-disciplinary teaching and research programmes aimed at producing world-class graduates and internationally competitive research.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes promote student learning and development, with staff providing a caring and supportive environment. Our programmes are fully accredited with the National University Commission (NUC) and the Council of Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). As a result, our graduates are highly sought after and occupy key positions in leading companies.

Our multi-disciplinary postgraduate research programmes are aimed primarily at benefiting the process industries, specialist technology firms, business and service sectors.

The Department is committed to maintaining world-class standards of academic excellence and to preserving our core values of scholarship, professionalism and integrity. We firmly believe that our profession must continue to find ways to improve the quality of life of all Nigerians.

Goals of the Department

Producing highly trained graduates for the process industries, specialist technology firms, business and service sectors.

Being a preferred provider of research for our stakeholders by conducting multidisciplinary research programmes within an integrated research portfolio.

Employing quality staff who reflect the diversity of our country.

Providing first-rate facilities for education and research.

Promoting our programmes and achievements.

Career Opportunities

Chemical engineers work in many different and exciting fields. Whatever your interest, a FUTO chemical engineering degree will assure you of a rewarding career.

Chemical engineers work in many different and exciting workplaces – not only in the expected settings of the petrochemical and mining industries, but also in a wide variety of process-based disciplines, such as the food, beverage, paint, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Drawing on the problem-solving skills that are central to the discipline, many CEOs of large companies have combined chemical engineering with a business-related qualification, such as an MBA. Much more work in niche consultancies or run their own businesses. There are also endless opportunities for research and development.

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