School of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Electrical and Electronic Engineering



FUTO’s Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering has since inception churned out thousands of graduates most of whom are currently captains of various industries as power and energy industries, telecommunications, manufacturing and production, oil and gas, agriculture, education, banking and several other sectors of the global economy.

With a strong staff strength comprising seasoned Professors, Readers and several other lecturers of good academic standing combined with well-equipped laboratories which are actively utilized by both the staff and students. In addition to undergraduate courses, the department also offers postgraduate courses in these fields as well as in Control Engineering Technology.

Our Students are grounded in design, production and use of systems, subsystems, components and devices whose operation depends on Electrical and Electronic engineering effects. They have an option of specializing in any of; Communications Engineering Technology, Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology (Power Systems)

We are poised to produce graduate-entrepreneurs who are job creators and not job seekers in their areas of specialization in particular and in the electrical (power) engineering discipline in general.  Also, we establish appropriate linkages with the industry and other institutions involved in training, research and development both local and international.


Dr (Mrs.) I. E. Achumba

Head of Department, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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