Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department


Facilities Available

Students of the department have available to them school workshops, drawing Studios and laboratories for University foundation and School of Engineering common courses. Such foundation and common course students share also computers with requisite software facilities in the University Computer Center and the Center for Information Communication Technology (ICTC) with good internet access. These facilities and others in the Centre for Industrial Studies are easily accessible for teaching and research.

In addition to the general facilities, the department has well-developed power systems and machine laboratories, digital electronics laboratories, communications and antennas laboratories, microwave workbench and process control laboratories, optical fibre training kit, basic electronics, microprocessor /microcomputer applications facilities as well as a Robotics Laboratory. The Center for Energy and Power Systems Research, Multimedia and E-Library centre with access to University Digital Library and IEEE Digital Resource Database provide in-house facilities within the department to enhance teaching and research.

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