Food Science and Technology Department

About us


The Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) started in 1981 as Food Processing Technology with a 5-year degree programme, which was one of the pioneer programmes of the first school of the University – School of Natural and Applied Sciences (SNAS). With growth, SNAS later became School of Earth, Mineral and Natural Sciences (SEMNS) which is now School of Science (SOSC). The programme started with only 30 students.

Following the approval of the National Universities Commission (NUC) in 1988, the programme (Food Processing Technology) was transferred to the School of Agricultural and Agricultural Technology (SAAT) and was renamed and restructured to Food Science and Technology programme. The major and unique thrust of the Department’s programme, which was Food Processing, was however retained.

Thus, a new Department of Food Science Technology was created in SAAT in October 1988 in line with modified departmentalized school structure adopted for the University. Under the present status, the department is structurally under the engineering-oriented programmes in the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET).

The first set of students graduated in 1986, and ever since the Department has always graduated students regularly. The postgraduate degree programme of the Department which started in 1989/90 has also graduated students both in the PGD, M.Sc. and PhD programmes.

The first programme Co-ordinator was Professor E. O. I. Banigo (rtd.) (1981 – 1985). Others who headed the Department were Dr. (now Prof.) E. N. T. Akobundu (Oct. 1985 – 1992), Dr C. N. Ubbaonu (now Prof.) (Oct. 1992 – 1996), Dr J. O. Uzuegbu (now Prof.) (Oct. 1996 – 1999), Late Dr S. O. Eke (Oct. 2000 – 2002), Dr Mrs A. Uzomah (now Prof.) (Jan. 2003 – Oct 2006), Prof. C. I. Iwuoha (2006 – 2008) and Dr. (Mrs.) E. U. Onyeka (now Prof.) (2008 – 2009). Dr. (Mrs.) J. N. Nwosu (now Prof.) (2010-2013), Dr (Mrs) N.C. Onuegbu (now Prof.) (2013-2015), Prof. (Mrs.) J.N. Nwosu (2015-2016), Dr C.M. Osuji (2016-2018), Prof. (Mrs) N.C. Ihediohanma (2018-2019). The present head of department is Prof. C.I. Owuamanam.

In 2015, the Department was split into four options at undergraduate level which includes Food Processing Technology (FPT), Brewing and Beverage Technology (BBT), Food Chemistry and Nutrition (FCN) and Food Microbiology (FMB).

Our Vision

To create and share knowledge through Food product development, to improve food safety and quality through intensive research and prepare graduates for challenges in global food industries and health facilities.

Mission Statement

The department is to provide, promote and encourage balanced education of theory and skill acquisition with a view to train manpower sufficient to meet the needs of the private and public sectors of the economy. It is also modelled to be in the forefront to assist in the global fight against hunger by the inauguration of fresh ideas, product development and researches to make food available and affordable.

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