Food Science & Technology Department

School of Engineering & Engineering Technology (SEET)


The Department of Food Science and Technology offers comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs that prepare students for leadership positions in the food industry, academia, and government. Our research programs are designed to expand understanding of the biological/microbiological, chemical, physical, sensory, nutritional, and engineering properties of foods and beverages. Our extension and outreach programs transfer research-based information and technology to consumers, food and beverage companies, and government agencies with the goal of enhancing the availability, quality, and safety of our food supply.

The food industry is one of Nigeria´s most important sectors, and many opportunities exist for food science graduates. Some work in food companies with product development, quality management, and company management. Our graduates are also involved with the development of new and healthy foods or working to prevent undesirable bacteria from entering food products.

The advances that have taken place in recent decades within technology and biological science have created completely new ways of producing and processing foods. Increasing technology has made food production extremely complex, and there is a growing need for highly qualified graduates who can grasp and apply the new technologies.

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