OND, B Sc., M Sc., MBA, PhD.

Prof. NwosuProf. NWOSU JUSTINA N





Prof. (Mrs.) J.N. Nwosu has a Ph.D in Food Processing Technology. She has worked in many food industries including Biscuit, beer/malt production, ice cream and mixed dried fruits industries. She belongs to the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST), Organization of Women in Science for the Developing Countries (OWSD), Institute of Food Technology (IFT) Chicago Illinois and currently a Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Her area of research interest is that of lesser known crops that are going into extinction.

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • OND, 1989, Food Services and Nutrition
  • B.Sc., 1984, Food Science and Technology
  • MSc., 1991, Food Technology
  • MBA, 1998, Marketing
  • Ph.D., 2006, Food Processing Technology


Dubic Award for best graduating student in Food Science and Technology … 1989



  • Nwosu, J.N.; Edward, U. U. and Onyeugwuakazi, V. (2010). Functional properties and proximate composition of Asaparagus bean (Vigna sesquipedalis) as influenced by malting. Int. Journal of Agric and Rural Dev. 13:163 – 172
  • Nwosu, J.N. (2010). Effect of soaking, blanching and cooking on the anti-nutritional properties of Asaparagus bean (Vigna sesquipedalis) flour. Nature and Science J. 8(9): 163 – 167
  • Nwosu, Justina Nne (2010). The effects of steeping with chemicals (Trona and Alum) on the functional properties and proximate composition of Asaparagus bean (Vigna sesquipedalis). Nature and Science J. 8(9): 111 – 120
  • C. C. Ogueke; J. N. Nwosu; C. I. Owuamanam and J. N. Iwouno (2010). Ugba, the fermented African oil bean seeds: its production, chemical composition, preservation, safety and health benefits. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 13 (10): 489 – 496
  • J. N. Nwosu (2010). The effects of processing on the functional properties of ‘Oze’ (Bosqueia angloensis) seeds. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 9(8): 781 – 786
  • J. N. Nwosu; N. C. Onuegbu; N. O. Kabuo and M. O. Okeke (2010). The effect of steeping with chemicals (Alum and Trona) on the proximate and functional properties of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) flour. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 9(8): 762 – 768
  • Nwosu, J. N. (2011). The effects of processing on the anti-nutritional properties of ‘Oze’ (Bosqueia angloensis) seeds. Journal of American science 7(1): 1 – 6
  • Nwosu, J. N. (2011). Proximate composition and acceptability of moin-moin made from cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) and Asparagus bean seed (Vigna sesquipedalis). World Rural Observations 3(3).
  • Nwosu, J. N., Ogueke, C. C., Owuamanam, C. I. and Onuegbu, N. (2011). The effect of storage conditions on the proximate and rheological properties of soup thickener Brachystegia enrycoma (Achi). Report and Opinion. 3(5).
  • Nwosu, Justina (2011). The effect of storage condition on the rheological/functional properties of soup thickener Mucuna sloanei (Ukpo). Researcher 3(6).
  • Ngozika Onuegbu, Uchenna Nwosuagwu, Ngozi Kabuo, Justina Nwosu and Ngozi Ihediohanma (2011). The physical properties of Ube (Dacryodes edulis) at different stages of fruit development. Nature and Science 9(9).


  • Member, Farm Advisory Committee, 1997
  • Member, SEET Board of Studies 1999 – present
  • Dean’s Representative in SOSC Board of Studies 2007-present
  • Member, SAAT Board of Studies 1995 – 1999
  • Member, SAAT Junior Staff Matters Committee 1995 – 1996
  • Member, Convocation Contact Protocol Committee, 1997 – 2000
  • Member, Entertainment Committee for 2002 Convocation and 2003 Matriculation
  • Member, SAAT Exams Committee 1998 – 1999.
  • Member, SEET Exams Committee, 2000 – 2008
  • Ag HOD, FST Department, 2009 – present.

Working Experience

  • Worked with Micky Ice Cream Plant, Lagos
  • Production of fruit juice and drinks at Nafelos food Ltd., Lagos
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