Engr. Dr Anthony Chukwunenye Okoronkwo

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Engr. Anthony Chukwunenye Okoronkwo

Email: Chukwunenye_jireh@yahoo.com



Engr. Dr Okoronkwo had his undergraduate studies at Federal University of Technology, Owerri where he obtained Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Mechanical Engineering Automotive Engineering Option) in 2001. He obtained his M.Eng and PhD respectively in same the department while majoring in Power and energy.  He rose from graduate assistant to Senior lecturer between 2002 and 2018. In 2002, he received a Scholarship from Federal Government of Nigeria to pursue his postgraduate studies (M.Eng).  He has been involved in various community services such as Jamb Supervision, Member Team B1 (Mechanical Structures Analysis and Thermal Control Group of the CSTD SPIRE Project, and has been a reviewer for Peer Reviewer for Ambient Energy Journal, Taylor & Francis Group till date. He is duly registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) with Reg. No. RR20,251.



  • Applied Energy Studies
  • Energy Policy and Planning
  • RenewableEnergy (Solar, Wind, Biomass, etc) Powered Systems (Dryers, Refrigerator, Water Heaters, etc.)
  • Computer Application in Engineering
  • Environmental Pollution and Control System
  • Solar Energy Materials Studies

On-going Research

  • Development Of A Fuelless Generator
  • Low Energy Strategies For Buildings In Nigeria
  • CPC solar collector Design optimization studies
  • Waste Management in Industries in Nigeria
  • Nocturnal Cooling systems.


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