Basil Quent Ochieze

Basil Quent Ochieze

Lecturer I

Postal Address: Department of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering,
Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.,
Languages: Igbo, English and Russian



  • Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli.   – 2015-2018
  • Donetsk National Technical University, Donetsk, Ukraine   –  1978 –1983 (Full Scholarship)
  • Donetsk State University, Donetsk, Ukraine.   –   1977-1978 (Full Scholarship)
  • (Language / Preliminary Course) Rapid Results College, London –  1976


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Metallurgical Engineering)   –  2018
  • Master of Science (M.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering)  –  1983
  • Certificate in Education (Russian Language)   –   1983
  • General Certificate of Education, GCE O/L   –  1976

Work Experience

  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
    • Job Title: Lecturer 1, Department of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering,
      • April 2018 to date.
    • Courses I teach:
      1. Foundry technology
      2. Industrial alloys
  • Lafarge Africa Plc. October 2011 to April 2018.
    • Job Title: Head, UCDI Training Institute,
      1. Instruct, guide and enforce safety mandatory rules and ethics.
      2. Guide the operations of the Training Centre and be responsible for and supervise its administration.
      3. Function as full-time Trainer
      4. Provide, maintain, update and prepare didactic materials
      5. Schedule and execute quarterly maintenance of workshop equipment to ensure machine availability.
      6. Update and Modify NBTE curriculum relevant to the cement industry.
      7. Work closely with the instructors, apprentices, admin, procurement and HR and send reports.
      8. Complement parallel training of Lafarge employees
      9. Communicate and coordinate with the ministry of education to secure accreditation for the program.
      10. Draw up daily, weekly, monthly, semester and session timetables.
      11. Conduct selection of new apprentices through exams and interviews
    • Courses I taught:
      1. Fabrication technology
      2. Workshop Practice
      3. Foundry and Forge Technology
      4. Engineering Materials
      5. Welding Economics and Management
      6. Welding Metallurgy
      7. Weld and Metal corrosion
      8. Study Technics
      9. Engineering Measurement
      10. Cement Process
      11. Weld and Weld Joint Designs
      12. Testing and Quality Control of Welds.
      13. Health, Safety and Environment
      14. Fits and Tolerances
  • Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Uwana, Afikpo. 2010-2011
    • Job Title: Lecturer
      • Full-time lecturer in the following courses:
        1. Engineering Measurements
        2. Foundry and Forge Technology
        3. Jigs and Fixtures
        4. Engineering Materials
        5. Workshop Technology and Practice
  • Calbas Nig. Ltd, Aba 1993-2010
    • Job Title: Managing Director,
      1. Built from scratch an enviable machine and fabrication shop
      2. Diversified company business into the oil and gas industry by carrying out material testing, NDT, and spares manufacture for Halliburton, NNPC, East line Ltd, Nigeria oilfields Ltd etc.
      3. Produced spares and maintenance of equipment for leading manufacturers in soap and breweries- PZ Plc, Unilever, Tura Soap, International Equitable Association Ltd, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Champion Breweries, Guinness Plc, 7 UP Plc and Golden Guinea Breweries Plc.
      4. Built and operated a soap manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 5,000 tons per annum.
  • Abia State Polytechnic, Aba. 1992-94
    • Job Title: Part-time Lecturer,
    • Facilitated instruction on the following courses:
      1. Engineering Drawing
      2. Foundry technology
  • Metallurgical Complex Nig. ltd, Aba: 1990-93
    • Job Title: Chief Engineer,
      1. Selected, ordered and partly installed appropriate foundry machinery from Original Equipment Manufacturers in Czech Republic.
      2. Developed a product mix for the company after an extensive market survey.
  • Foundry, Ajaokuta Steel Co. Ltd. 1986-90
    • Job Title: Senior Engineer,
      1. Monitored, recorded and presented weekly progress report from groundbreaking, equipment installation, no-load and load-tests to commissioning of the foundry shop.
      2. Prepared foundry working drawings (pattern making and moulding) of all job orders.
      3. Doubled as an interpreter for Russian and Nigerian equipment installation team.
      4. Supervised pattern making, sand moulding, electric arc steel melting and casting operations with a workforce of 60 personnel.
      5. Prepared material balance for all grades of iron and steel castings in the foundry.
      6. Coordinated forging and machining of cast items in the forge and machine shops.
  • Metallurgical Training Institute, Ajaokuta Steel Co. ltd. 1985-86.
    • Job Title: Engineer 1,
      1. Installed various sizes of lathes (15), Milling (5), Shaping (3), Pantograph (1), guillotines (2) Welding machines (10) etc in training school workshop.
      2. Taught selected courses in foundry technology, and electric arc steel making.
  • Federal Polytechnic, Nekede. 1984-85
    • Job Title: Lecturer,
    • Taught the following courses:
      1. Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
      2. Extractive metallurgy
      3. Crystallography and heat treatment of ferrous metals
  • Research and Development Dept., Delta Steel Co. Ltd. (NYSC). 1983-84
    • Job Title: Research Officer,
      1. Flammability of DRI in storage silos
      2. Neck breakage of rolls in the rolling mill
      3. Ovality of kiln shell in the lime plant
  • Donetsk Metallurgical Plant, Ukraine. 1983
    • Job Title: Trainee Engineer,
      • Sample preparation for chemical composition analysis in the spectral analysis, Laboratory for all heats in the Electric Arc Furnace No. 06.
  • Nigerian Steel Development Authority. 1976-77
    • Job Title: Geological Assistant,
      • Collection and arrangement of drilled core samples for analysis-coal, iron Ore, limestone etc.


  1. Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers. Registration No. 06265.
  2. Member, Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). Reg. No. R. 23,149.
  3. Member, Nigerian Metallurgical Society.
  4. Member, Nigerian Corrosion Society.
  5. Member, Iron and Steel Institute of Japan.
  6. Member, Iron and Steel Institute of Ukraine.


  1. Experimental study of the effect of wear parameters on the wear behaviour of A356 alloy/cow horn particulate composites.  Original Research Article.  Online publication complete: 13-NOV-2017.  B.Q. Ochieze, C.C. Nwobi-Okoye, P.N. Atamuo Elsevier –Defense technology.
  2. Microstructural and properties evaluation of A356 alloy/cow horn particulate composites produced by spark plasma sintering
  3. Ochieze Basil Quent, C. C. Nwobi-Okoye, P. U. Ochieze & I. A. Ochieze,  Pages 1-14 | Received 07 Sep 2017, Accepted 29 Sep 2017, Published online: 09 Nov 2017.  Journal on the Chinese advanced materials society.
  4. Nwobi-Okoye C.C., Ochieze B. Q. Age Hardening Process Modeling and Optimization of Aluminum Alloy A356/Cow Horn Particulate Composite for Brake Drum Application Using RSM, ANN and Simulated Annealing. Journal: Defence Technology, 2018
  5. CHIDOZIE NWOBI-OKOYE, Basil Ochieze, and Stanley Okiy, Engr.B.Q.Ochieze (2015): Adaptation of jet pump as ‘jet burner’ for firing light to heavy fuel oils.  Materials, Metallurgy and Mining Division, NSE. Abuja. 2015.Multi-Objective Optimization and Modeling of Age Hardening Process Using ANN, ANFIS and Genetic Algorithm: Results from Aluminum Alloy A356/Cow Horn Particulate Composite. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2018.
  6. Engr. B.Q. Ochieze (1994): Inward sourcing of Engineering components as a contribution towards indigenous technological development for industrialization. Technology seminar on indigenous technological development for industrialization. Organized by Federal Republic of Germany on Technical Co-operation. 26-28th May 1994. pp 41-50.
  7. Engr. B.Q. Ochieze (1989) A Survey of Mathematical models of charge materials in metallurgical melting furnaces. The Nigerian Metallurgical Society, Annual General Conference. Anambra State University of Science and Technology. Enugu.
  8. Engr.B.Q.Ochieze, V.fudin, Victor Zenlianko (1989): Design, Fabrication and Operation of Locally made iron shots making facility. The Nigerian Metallurgical Society, Annual General Conference, Ajaokuta.
  9. Engr.B.Q.Ochieze (1994): Selection of Machine Parts Suitable For Raw Materials Processing. National Workshop on Inward Sourcing of Industrial Raw Materials-A Lost key to Technological Emancipation. Organized by the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), pp-20.


  1. Mechanical Tests (Tensile, Impact and hardness tests) and chemical composition analysis of some grades of steel for Halliburton Nig. Ltd.
  2. Annealing and Stress Relief of manifolds for Halliburton Nig. Ltd.
  3. Stress relief of welded joints of pressure vessel oil separator for East Line energy services ltd, Port Harcourt.
  4. Casting and machining of bronze and steel gears, crowner wheels and other components for seven-up bottling company, champion breweries etc.
  5. Fabrication of chrome plated slide gates plates for Halliburton Nig. Ltd.
  6. Lagging of steam pipelines and vessels for International Equitable Association Ltd.
  8. Fabrication and installation of soap plants
  9. Installation of the palm kernel oil mill.
  10. Dismantling of resin plant of Nigeria German Chemicals plc, Ikeja and re-installation for Decork Products Ltd, Orlu.
  11. Fabrication of jet burner for firing light to heavy fuel oils
  12. Construction of oil-fired metallurgical furnaces for UCDI-TI, Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Philma Investments ltd etc.


  1. Evaluation of Obudu beeswax for the lost-wax casting process. Article sent for publication in an international journal.
  2. Production of cementitious material using Abakaliki lead ore tailing, Ihioma clay and Palm fruit bunch fibre ash.
  3. Production and evaluation of waste bottle water polypropylene/Abakaliki lead ore tailing composite for building material applications.
  4. Experimental evaluation of aluminium metal matrix composites reinforced with waste grinding
  5. Recycling of waste automobile tyres for carbon black/ ink production
  6. Fabrication and evaluation of propylene composites reinforced with a waste grinding disc.
  7. Use of palm kernel shells as a solid fuel for firing boilers and rotary kilns.
  8. The micro hydropower plant for local dwellers.


  1. Zero limits 6 Months course in computer studies.
  2. Machintouch Intermediate Microsoft office suites training (word and excel)
  3. Industrial training fund- Train the Trainer Training
  4. Workshops on problem-solving skills


Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland and United Kingdom.

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