Boniface Obah

Boniface Obah


Dipl. Ing. (M.Sc), Dr Ing. (PhD)



Brief Biography

Boniface Obah is a Shell Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. He studied at the Technical University of Clausthal Germany, where he obtained a PhD in 1982. Boniface was a recipient of Federal Government (Nigeria) Scholarship and German Scholarship for specially gifted students. He is also a fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany. After a brief stint at Mobil Nigeria Unlimited, he joined Federal University of Technology, Owerri, where he served as a Head of Department of Petroleum Engineering for nine years. He became a professor of Petroleum Engineering in the year, 2000. He has been in the university system for more than twenty-five years and he is also a 25-year member of SPE. His recent research area is ‘‘Coning in Oil Rim Reservoirs’’ where he has developed a functional software for SPDC (Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd), in 1998. He is also quite versed in the area of Oil and Gas Processing Technology and has been conducting training workshops for ExxonMobil Nig. Plc and Total Nig. Plc in this discipline since 2005. He has to his credit over sixty papers in Reservoir Engineering, Formation Evaluation, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Phase Equilibrium.

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Dipl. Ing. (M.Sc), 1979 Technical University, Clausthal, W. Germany
  • Dr. Ing. (PhD), 1982 Technical University, Clausthal, W. Germany.

Research Interests

  • ♦  Improving the efficiency of the crude oil treating processes
  • ♦  Producibility Scenarios of naturally repressured Reservoirs
  • ♦  Relative Permeability Model by Thin Film Flow
  • ♦  Drilling Optimization
  • ♦  Improving Oil Recovery from thin bed Reservoirs
  • ♦  Adaptation of Local Materials for the pollution control


  • •  Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship 1974 – 1977
  • •  German Scholarship for specially gifted students 1978 – 1982 (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung).
  • •  Fellow Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany.
  • •  Member National Universities Commission Accreditation Panel for Faculty of Engineering, Bendel State University, Ekpoma, Nigeria.
  • •  External Examiner, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria – Undergraduate/Graduate Exams, University of Uyo, Institute of Petroleum Studies, Uniport, Abubakar Tafawa Belewa University Bauchi
  • •  The Federal University Of Technology, Owerri Silver Jubilee Awards For Attracting Research Grants And Linkage Programs to The University (2007).
  • •  Since 1st October 2007, Shell Professors of Petroleum Engineering.

Teaching Interests

  • ♦  Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • ♦  Petroleum Production Technology
  • ♦  Formation Evaluation
  • ♦  Oil and gas conditioning and processing
  • ♦  Petroleum Economics

Courses Taught

  • ♦  PET 601: Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • ♦  PET 614: PVT Analysis
  • ♦  PET 908: Gas conditioning and processing
  • ♦  PET 603: Oil and gas processing
  • ♦  PET 608: Advanced Formation Evaluation

Professional Affiliations

  • ♦  Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • ♦  Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
  • ♦  Nigeria Gas Association (NGA)
  • ♦  COREN Registered
  • ♦  German Society of Engineers VDI


  • Neumann, H. J., Pacynsk – Lahme, B., Obah, B.: Basis of the Mechanism for the Mobilization of Residual Oil in Surfactant Flooding. “Erodöl, Erdgas Zeitschrift” – The Oil and Gas Monthly 98, 3/82, 96 – 99.

  • Obah, B., Neumann, H. J.: The Formation of Microemulsion in the System Oil/High saline Formation Water/Surfactant Co-Surfactant. “Tenside Detergents” 20 (1983)3, 145 – 152.

  • Obah, B.: Problems arising from the chemical Demulsification of Crude Oil emulsion in a Niger Delta Oil Terminal – Nigeria. “Erodöl & Kohle Erdgas petrochemical” Hydrocarbon Technology, 41 February 1988, 486 – 489.

  • Obah, B., Neumann, H. J.: Deasphalting of Crude Oil Distillation Residues with Carbon dioxide. “Erodöl & Kohle Erdgas Petrochemie” Hydrocarbon Technology, 40, November 1987, 486 – 489.

  • Obah, B.: Over Pressure – A Drilling Hazard in the Niger Delta. “Erodöl & Kohle Erdgas Petrochemie” Hydrocarbon Technology, 42, September 1988, 339 – 343.

  • Obah, B.: Reserves Estimation and Producibility Scenarios of naturally Repressured Reservoirs: Proceeding of 15th Annual Internal Conference of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. (1991, 49 – 55)

  • The importance of microemulsion for the enhanced oil recovery. “24th Bayreuther Kolloid Kolloquium”, W. Germany 17th October 1980. (Referred).

  • Obah, B.: Adulteration of Gasoline Kerosine: Sources and Implications (62 – 81) Proceedings General Relations – Symposium for NNPC: Pipelines and product Marketing Co. Ltd.

  • Obah, B.: Fundamentals of Drilling Fluids. Paper presented to the Polymer Institute of Nigeria Airport Hotel, Omagwa, Port Harcourt, 22nd June 1992

  • Obah, B.; Oil Pollution in Perspective (in press readings in Environmental Perception.

  • Chukwu O., Obah B; Relative Permeability Model by Thin Film Flow in Cylindrical Capillary Tube, (SPENC 9726), Society of Petroleum Engineers annual International Conference Port Harcourt Nigeria, 1997.

  • Chukwu, O., Obah, B.: Magnitude of Capillary Pressure of Thin Flow in Cylindrical Capillary Tube, (SPENG 9726), Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual International conference Port Harcourt Nigeria, 1997.

  • Obah, B.: Preventing Premature Pulling Out of Bit, Erdol Erdgas Kohle (Hydrocarbon Technology) April, 1997 pp 168 – 171.

  • Chukwu, O.; Obah, B.: Improved Soil Fertility with Spent Drilling Waste a Form of Environmental Pollution Control in the Niger Delta CEENACON-99 Imo State University, Nigeria.

  • Obah, B.; Ghofrani R.; El-moghawry E. M.; “Repermeabilitat Geschadigter Bohrkerne Durch Microemulsionsbildung Bei Sauurebehandlung” restoring Permeability of Damaged Gores Through the Formation of Microemulsion During Acid Treatment. (Tenside, Surfactants Detergents). 35 (1998) 5 pp 346 – 35.

  • Chukwu, O.; Obah, B.: “Condensate Injection Soak as an enhanced Oil recovery Technique in the Niger: Erdol Erdgas Kohle (Hydrocarbon Technology) January 1999 pp 27 – 29.

  • Chukwu, O.; Obah, B. “Three Phase relative Permeability Correlation at Low Liquid Concentrations; SPE International Annual Conference August 4 – 7 1998

  • Chukwu, O.; Obah, B.: Influence of Wettability on the capillary Behaviour of Residual Oil in the Porous media. Nigerian Journal of Science and Technology, 6(1) 1537 – 1545 1999.

  • Editorial Board Member, Nigerian Journal of Petroleum and Energy.

  • Obah, B.: “Phasenverhalten von nigerianischen Erdolen/Wasser durch Zusatz von Tenside und Cotenside” Phase Behaviour of Nigerian Oils/Waters by the Addition of Surfactant and Cosurfactant. Erdol und Erdgas Kohel; February 2001 pp 81 – 88.

  • Obah, B.; Chukwu, O.: A Generalised Approach to Coning problems; OIL GAS European Magazine; September 2000 pp 26 – 29.

  • O. Chukwu.; B. Obah: Three-Phase Relative Permeability Correlation at Very Low Oil Saturation; OIL GAS European Magazine; March 2002 pp. 23 – 25

  • Onwukwe, S.I and Obah, B. (2004) “Natural Gas Utilization – A feasibility for Local distribution in Nigeria.” Journal of Research in National Development, Vol 2 No.2 pp 1-4.

  • Duru, U.I., Chukwu, G.A. and Obah, B. “Hydraulic Evaluation of Drilling Fluid Performance on Hole Cleaning for Different Rheological Models”. SPE 98792 paper presented at 29th Annual SPE International Technical Conference and Exhibition – 2005.

  • Izuwa N.C., Onwukwe S.I., Obah B. “Prospects of National Gas Hydrate Technology in Nigeria Gas Management” Journal of Research in Engineering” Accepted for Publication 2006.

Working Experience

  • Petroleum engineering courses.
  • One year as a Research Fellow in Petroleum Research Institute, W. Germany, 1982.
  • Two years industrial experience, as a Petroleum Engineer in Mobil Producing Nigeria Ltd.; 1982 – 1984.
  • Lecturer 1, 1984-1988.
  • Senior Lecturer in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, Federal University of technology, Owerri.1988-1993
  • Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, 1993.
  • Ag Programme co-ordinator, Petroleum Engineering Programme 1985 – 1988.
  • Chairman University’s Strategic Planning Committee, School of Engineering and Engineering Technology. July 1992-February, 1996
  • Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Owerri 2000- till date

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