Petroleum Engineering Department

Academic Programme

Academic Programme

The academic programme in Petroleum Engineering is structured as follows:

  • Undergraduate Programme – Five (5) Years.
  • Each year is composed of two semesters (Harmattan and Rain Semester).
  • A total of 182-course units are required for a B. Eng. in Petroleum Engineering.

Class of Degrees that could be awarded include:

  • First Class – [4.50 – 5.00]
  • Second Class Honours Upper – [3.50 – 4.49]
  • Second Class Honours Lower – [2.40 – 3.49] 


The academic programme for post-graduate is summarized as follows: 

  • The PGD Programme involves two (2) years of course work and one (1) year of research.
  • The Masters Programme in the Department of Petroleum Engineering involves one (1) year of course work and one (1) year of research work.
  • PhD programme involves one (1) year of course work before research work begins.


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