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History of Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering

Federal University of Technology, Owerri was one of the first three Universities of Technology established by the Federal Government in 1980. Academic activities at FUTO started in 1981/1982 academic session at a temporary campus at Lake Nwaebere Owerri with the first school of Earth, Mineral and Natural Sciences (SEMNS) which comprised of Physical and Chemical Sciences Programme Areas. Other schools followed later, viz, SEET, SAAT, SMAT, SOSC and SOHT. Polymer and Fibre Sciences and Technology Programme was one of the programmes in SEMNS with Dr S. C. O Ugbolue as the foundation programme coordinator for one session before he became Director, Chemical Sciences Programme Area while Dr M. E. Enyiegbulam took over as the second programme coordinator. The school changed its name from SNAS (School of Natural and Applied Sciences) to the present name: School of Sciences (SOSC). The name of the programme also changed from the initial Polymer and Fibre Science and Technology to Polymer and Textile Science and Technology (while in SNAS and SOSC) respectively to Polymer and Textile Engineering Department as it was transferred to School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) in 1991/92. This transfer involved a lot of modifications of the course titles and course contents so as to maintain its position as the only department in Nigerian Universities, and even in Africa, awarding B. Eng. in Polymer and Textile Engineering. From a handful of foundation students, the population has exceeded 1000 by 2005. The number of lecturers and technologists has also increased impressively. The department interacts very well with polymer-based industries. Its founding staff played a significant role in the actualization and establishment of Polymer Institute of Nigeria (PIN). Currently, there are two Fellows of PIN, and a National Vice- President (Finance) from the department. The students formed APOTES (Association of Polymer and Textile Engineering students).  The Association organizes industrial visits and social gatherings from time to time. Academic and research activities have gained recognition in NUC organized exhibitions. In the first-ever exhibition, Prof. M. E. Enyiegbulam received Outstanding Award for Outstanding Performance in Polymer Technology. He again in 2005 received another recognition for outstanding performance in Polymer Technology in the second NURESDEF 2005. The department gained full accreditation in the 2005 NUC accreditation exercise. In fact, it scored the highest point at the University.

The Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering is concerned with the Science, Technology and Engineering of materials formed from large molecules. The programme is thus linked with two primary industries namely, textile and polymer/plastic processing industries. Textile industries convert fibres into yarns and fabrics which are used for curtains, carpets fabrics and other furnishings in our homes and in a lot of industrial applications. Polymer-based industries produce such items as plastics, tyres, varnishes, resins, elastomers, printing inks, foams etc. These industries practically deal with the wide and ever-expanding range of polymers and man-made fibres firmly based on science and engineering principles. The department is planning to split into Textile Engineering and Polymer Engineering Departments in future.

Headship of the Programme till date is as shown in the table below


Period Name of Staff Rank Area of Specialization Position
1 1980-1982 Dr S.C.O. Ugbolue Reader Textile Sci & Tech.

Prog. Coordinator

2 1982-1986 Dr M.E. Enyiegbulam Snr. Lecturer Polymer  Sci. & Tech. Prog. Coordinator
3 1986-1990 Dr M.E. Enyiegbulam Reader Polymer  Sci. & Tech. Ag. HOD
4 1990-1994 Dr J.O. Ukponmwan Reader Textile Tech. Ag. HOD
5 1994-1998 Dr A.E. Iheonye Snr. Lecturer Textile Sci & Tech. Ag. HOD
6 1998-2002 Dr O. Ogbobe Reader Polymer Tech Ag. HOD
7 2002-2005 Dr C.B.C. Ohanuzue Snr. Lecturer Chemistry Ag. HOD
8 2005-2007 Prof. M.E. Enyiegbulam Professor Polymer  Sci. & Tech. HOD
9 2008- JUNE 2012 Engr. Dr I.C. Madufor Reader Polymer Engineering Ag. HOD
10 JULY,2012 –JUNE 2014 Prof.  I. O. Igwe Professor Polymer  Sci. & Tech. HOD
11 JULY,2014–JUNE 2016 Engr. Dr M. U. Obidiegwu Senior Lecturer Polymer  Engineering Ag. HOD
12 JULY 2016- JUNE 2018 Engr. Prof. I.C. Madufor Professor Polymer Engineering HOD
13 JULY 2018- JUNE 2019 Dr G. N. Onyeagoro Reader Polymer Sci. & Engineering Ag. HOD
14 JULY 2019- TILL DATE Prof. G. N. Onyeagoro Professor Polymer Sci. & Engineering HOD

Dr. G. N. Onyeagoro

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