Chemical Engineering Department

School of Engineering & Engineering Technology (SEET)


The Chemical Engineering Department at FUTO has a reputation within industry and academia for research excellence and producing highly trained, well-educated and professional chemical engineers.

We believe that a degree in Chemical Engineering from FUTO can provide you with an excellent starting point to launch a rewarding career. Chemical Engineers are at the forefront of technology and their role in modern society is becoming increasingly important. Chemical Engineers design, implement and supervise industrial processes where matter undergoes change. This could be in the pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food or plastics industries.

We graduate highly trained chemical engineers annually who become researchers, leaders and builders of tomorrow in academia, government laboratories and the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, biomedical and environmental industries. They are trained by a world-class faculty engaged in research addressing major societal challenges in energy, human health, manufacturing and sustainability-research that is used in practice and creates startup companies and jobs.

Our Academic Staff

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