Engr. Chidi Augustine Okwara

B Sc., M Sc.

Engr. Okwara

Engr. Chidi Augustine Okwara

Lecturer I


Academic and Professional Qualification

  • B.Sc (Tech), 1986, Chemical & Petrochemical Technology, (FUTO)
  • M.Sc 1990, Chemical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the NSChe


  • C.A. Okwara and E.C. Osoka “Caustic Activation of Local Clays for Palm Oil Bleaching” in Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 1 (4)526-529 Pakistan, 2006.
  • S.K. Layokun, B.O. Solomon and C.A. Okwara “Hydrolysis of Lignocelluloses of Sawdust and Corncob origin by Cellulase derived from Aspergillus flavus Linn Isolate. NSPR101” in Proceedings 1997 Jubilee Research Event I.Chem 2, 905-908, 1997.

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