Engr. Samson O. Opebiyi

B Eng., M Sc., PhD.

Engr. Opeyemi

Engr. Samson O. Opebiyi

Lecturer I

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • B. Eng. 1999, Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Edo State.
  • M. Sc. 2003, Chemical Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos State.
  • Ph. D. Candidate, University of Lagos, Lagos State.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member, Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers, 2005
  • Member, Nigeria Society of Engineers, 2008


  • Mathematical Modeling of Production of Liquid sulphur IV oxide from Sulphur, Journal of Science, Engineering, Technology, vol 17(3), pp 9654-9665.
  • Optimization of yield from the trimethylsilylation reaction of mineral silicate. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, vol 5, no 12010, pp 108-113.

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