Dr. Boniface C. Okoro

B Sc., M Sc., PhD.

Dr. Okoro

Dr Boniface C. Okoro

Senior Lecturer


Engr. Dr B. C. Okoro (B.Sc. – Civil, M.Sc, – Civil, PhD)is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Civil Engineering, FUTO. He obtained his PhD degree in Civil Engineering/Water Resources Engineering. He is a COREN registered engineer and belongs to several professional bodies. He has a teaching experience of more than thirty years in the areas of water resources engineering, public health/environmental engineering, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, engineering economy engineering management & law. He has supervised several undergraduate and graduate research projects and also contributed some papers to journals and attended several seminars, workshops and conferences. He is a consultant to several organizations. Engr. Dr. Okoro has had rich and varied administrative experience. He headed the department of Civil Engineering for years (2001 – 2006), and currently heading Building Technology Department, FUTO.

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • B. Sc (Civil) – 1978;
  • M. Sc.(Civil) – 1979;
  • Ph. D – 2005.


  • World Bank fellowship grant for PhD. Research in Britain (1995-1996);
  • Professional Registered Engineer; Council of Registration Of Engineering Practice in Nigeria(COREN). Reg.2334. (1984).
  • Federal Government of Nigeria Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships to study in U.S.A (1976 – 1979).
  • Rotary International, Aladinma, Owerri. ‘Outstanding Educator Service Award’. (2003)
  • S.U,(Nig.) Owerri North Zone, Owerri – ‘Historic Achievement Award’. (2007).
  • M.M.U., First Baptist Church, Owerri – ‘Merit Award’(2007).


  • Okoro, Boniface C. (1979) Model Study on Air – Entraining Vortices at vertical intakes. M. Sc, Thesis, Clemson University.
  • Okoro, B & Lawson, T. (1979). Model Report on Two-Layer Density Stratified Flow at the Keowee Dam on Laken Keowee-Hartwell. Technical Report.
  • Okoro, Boniface C., Fisher, John S., & Sill, Ben L., (1980) Model study on Air – Entraining Vortices at Intakes. Clemson University, Clemson Water Resource Research Institute(WRRI-50)
  • Okoro, Boniface C. (1991) Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting And Management of Waste Disposal. Nigerian Society of Engineers, Seminar/workshop, June 1991 (Invited paper).
  • Okoro, Boniface C. (1994) A review of organic debris in streams And forested watersheds. Technical report.
  • Okoro Boniface C. (2003) Corporate Responsibility for Water Pollution Education in Nigeria. 1st Eastern states of Nigeria water Summit on the partnership for portable water provision, wisdom and Prosperity in Owerri, Nov. 27th 2003. (Invited paper)
  • Okoro, Boniface C. (2005) Discrete sequential water resources Planning technique for the developing Nigeria economy, Ph.D.Thesis, Federal University of Technology, Owerri.
  • Agunwamba, J. C. & Okoro, B. C. (2008) Time-Dependent Equations for Elevational change caused by Erosion and Deposition. International Journal of Engineering and Technical Mathematics Vol.1 (1 & 2): 65 – 76.
  • Nwoke, H.U. and Okoro, B.C. (2012). Rainfall Intensity-Frequency Regime for Warri, South-South, Nigeria. New clues in Sciences 2(2012) 42 – 49.
  • Okoro, B.C. & Ibearugbulem, O.M.(2009). Technical report Writing in Higher Institutions. Owerri: Ibes Computers publishers.

Working Experience

PG Coordinator (Civil) & Head of Department, Building Technology, FUTO.

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