Engr. Okwudili Oliver Ozioko

B Eng., M Eng.

Engr. Ozioko

Engr. Okwudili Oliver Ozioko

Assistant Lecturer


Ozioko Oliver Okwudili is an Assistant Lecturer in the department of electrical and electronic engineering FUTO. He is currently a Member Result group & Assistant course adviser, Electrical and Electronic Engineering FUTO. He obtained his first degree from the Department of the Electronic Engineering University of Nigeria Nsukka, and his Masters in Engineering (communication Engineering option) from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering FUTO, he is currently a PhD candidate.

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • M.Eng Communication Engineering FUTO(2012).
  • B.Eng Electronics UNN (2004).

Area of Specialization

COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING/Electronic and computer engineering.

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