Prof. Ngozika Chioma Onuegbu

B Sc., M Sc., PhD.

Prof. Onuegbu

Prof. Ngozika Chioma Onuegbu

Professor of Food Science and Technology




Ngozika C Onuegbu has BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Food Science and Technology. She is actively involved in research at both national and international levels. She is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST), Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), Organisation for Women in Science and Development (OWSD), International Food Data Systems (INFOODS), Nigerian Food Data Systems (NIFOODS), Consultative Committee on Biofortification for improved Nutrition organised by WHO/FAO. State Committee on Food and Nutrition.


Academic and Professional Qualification

  • BSc. 1987, Food Science and Technology, Imo (now Abia) State University Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria
  • MSc. 1991, Food Science and Technology, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.
  • PhD, 2004, Food Science and Technology Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member, Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology
  • Member, Nutrition Society of Nigeria
  • Member, Third world Organization for Women in Science.

Research archive

Determination of bioactive compounds in indigenous foods and their behaviour/properties under different processing conditions. Flavour profiles and identification of flavour. Determination of the impact of ingredients in the flavour of foods.

Working Experience

Assumed duties in the Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria in 2002. Engaged in teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses as well as supervision of students’ projects and research. The courses taught include Total Quality management in the Food Industry, Sensory evaluation of Foods, Organoleptic Properties of Foods, Experimental Nutrition, Food Chemistry and Food Analysis.


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