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The increasing demand for software applications in transportation, finance, health, education and other critical sectors of the global economy cannot be overemphasized because of the huge benefits of computerization. Fortunately, the concept of applying an engineering approach to software development provided a solution to the software crisis noticed overtime. Software Engineering is concerned with the application of practical, systematic and quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software systems.

Our programme encompasses design, development and maintenance of quality software systems for organizations and businesses within the constraints of time, budget and other requirements. These include systems used in trains, airlines, vehicles, phones, banks, financial organisations, educational and health institutions, social networking applications, etc. In addition to our core Computer Science technical foundation, the Software Engineering discipline borrows and adapts from traditional engineering practice as well as from the field of project management.

Nigeria represents virgin territory for the software industry and the field in turn presents huge opportunities for the sub-Saharan African region within the context of an expanding global economy. There is therefore the need for Nigeria to grow its own crop of software engineers as a force for sustainable socio-economic development. Our products with the intellectual capital gathered at the end of their training will create wealth from zero or near-zero capital.

Engr. Dr Laz O. Uzoechi

Ag. Head, Software Engineering Department
Email: hod.sen@futo.edu.ng

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