Dr Emmanuel E. Chigbu


Dr Emmanuel E Chigbu

Senior Lecturer

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Town School Obohia 1959-1965
  • Mbaise Secondary School, Aboh 1970-1974
  • University Of Maiduguri 1978-1981
  • University Of Lagos 1983-1984
  • University Of Port Harcourt 1987-1993
  • First School Leaving Certificate Ministry Of Education, Eastern Nigeria 1965
  • WASCE, (Grade One, First Division) 1974-Waec
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Economics Second Class (Upper Division) University Of Maiduguri 1981
  • M.Sc. (Hons), Economics University Of Lagos 1984
  • Ph.D. Economics (Money And Banking) University Of Port Harcourt 1994


  • He Was Conferred With The Chieftaincy Title Of Duru-Nmuta-Na-Amamihe-Di-Ire I (Lord Of Effective Education And Wisdom) By His Royal Highness Eze B. O. Ihejirika Ksm, And The Ikwuato Autonomous Community, Imo State Of Nigeria On December 12, 1996, For Outstanding Contributions To Education, Philanthropy, Community Development And Leadership.
  • He Was Selected For The Distinguished Awards Of Professional Fellowship Of The Institute (Pfifm) And Certified Distinguished Financial Management Educator Award (Cdfme) Of The Institute Of Financial Management Limited, Federal Republic Of Nigeria, In 1997.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Nysc Primary Assignment – Teaching Federal Polytechnic Akure 1981-1982
  • Assistant Research Executive, Statecraft International Lagos July 20 1982-March 1983
  • Lecturer In Economics And Management School Of Management And Technology Aba, Nigeria April – August 1983
  • Lecturer In Economics, Imo State University, Etiti-Okigwe (Imosu) Nigeria October 1984-1991 Now Abia State University, Uturu 1992 – 1998
  • Lecturer In Economics, Federal University Of Technology Owerri Since The 1998/99 Session
  • Secretary, Planning Committee For Centre For Igbo Studies, Imo State University Etiti-Okigwe, 1986.
  • Member, General Studies Committee, Imosu (1987 – 1991).
  • Chairman, Examination Committee, Sebf, Abia State University, 1994.
  • Postgraduate College Liasison Officer For The School Of Economics, Banking And Finance, Abia State University, 1994 – 1995.
  • Member, Planning And Implementation Committee Institute For Distance Education, Imo State University, 1987 -1988.
  • Member Of Senate, Abia State University, 1995 – 1997.
  • Director, Collaborating Centre For Health Planning And Management, Abia State University, 1995 – 1996.
  • Member, Ceremonials Committee, (Works And Services), Abia State University 1996.
  • Member, Seminars/Workshop Committee, College Of Business Administration Absu, 1995 -1996.
  • Chairman, Postgraduate Board Of Examiners, School Of Economics, Banking And Finance, Abia State University, 1995 – 1997.
  • Editor, Journal Of Monetary Economics, Banking And Finance, Of The Emazec Global Research And Management Consult, Sebf, Abia State University, Uturu.
  • Senate Representative At The Students Welfare Board, Absu, 1996 -1997.
  • Smat Representative On The Board, School Of Agriculture And Agricultural Technology, Federal University Of Technology Futo, Since The 2000/2001 Session.
  • Chairman, Committee For The Development Of Curriculum For The Creation Of Department Of Financial Management Technology, Smat, Federal University Of Technology, Futo, 2001.
  • Coordinator, Postgraduate Programme Of The School Of Postgraduate Studies (Department Of Project Management Technology), Federal University Of Technology, Owerri.
  • Head Of Department Of Project Management Technology, Futo, 2004 – 2005.
  • Futo Senate Representative At The Fes 2004 -2005
  • Team Leader In General Certificate Of Education Examinations, West African Examinations Council (Waec). (1995 – 1998)
  • National Board Member, Board Of Management Of Education In Health Planning And Management, 1996.
  • Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc, Guest Lecturer At The Association Of Senior Staff Of Banks, Insurance And Financial Institutions Second Triennial Delegates Conference Held At Imo Concorde Hotels, Owerri, 9 -12 May, 1996. Paper Presented: Strategies For Sustained Growth In The Nigerian Banking Industry In The Emerging Decades.
  • Member Committee For The Launching Of Obohia Electrification Project, 1989.
  • Member, Editorial Review Board Of The Journal Of Business And Social Sciences. Imo State University, Owerri.
  • National Centre For Economic Management And Administration (Ncema), Ibadan, Guest Lecturer And Resource Person At The Ncema Organized Training Programme On Planning And Management Of Infrastructure And Utilities: “Servicing The Engine Of Development”, Held At The Modotel Hotels Limited, Owerri – Nigeria July 3 – 4, 2000. Paper Presented: “The Peculiarities Of The Nigerian Economy”.
  • The Nigeria Institute Of Management, Nim, Lagos, Guest Lecturer And Resource Person, At The Nim Organized Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Programme Held At The Nim (Rechem House), Aba On 27th February, 2001. Paper Presented: “The Peculiarities Of The Nigeria Economy”.
  • External Examiner In Economics: Management And Policy, University Of Port Harcourt 1999 – 2000.


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Working Experience

  • Assistant Lecturer Department Of Economics, Imo State University, Etiti October 1984–1985
  • Lecturer II, School Of Economics Banking And Finance, Imo State University, Etiti-Okigwe 1985 – 1990
  • Lecturer I, School Of Economics Banking And Finance Imo State University, Okigwe 1990 – 1991, Abia State University, Uturu 1992 – 1993
  • Senior Lecturer In Economics, Abia State University, Uturu Nigeria 1994 – 1998
  • Senior Lecturer In Economics School Of Management Technology, Federal University Of Technology Owerri
  • Co-Ordinator And Head School Of Economics, Banking And Finance, Abia State University Uturu (Absu)
  • Courses Taught At Both The Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels Include Economic Theory And Policy: Money And Banking, Public Finance, Quantitative Methods, Financial Markets, Research Methods, Financial Economics, Planning, Project Evaluation And Analysis. Postgraduate Students Advised And Supervised Include Those Of Mba (Banking And Finance), M.Sc. (Economics) And Ph.D. (Financial Management Technology)

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