Engr. Ifeanyi Cosmas Nwakanma


Engr. Ifeanyi Cosmas Nwakanma

Lecturer II

Email: Ifenayi.nwakanma@futo.edu.ngfraircos@yahoo.com; profcosmas@gmail.com;




12005Nwakanma I.C.Problem Solver Series: MathematicsFirst Edition, Diac Solutions Limited. Agege Lagos State, Nigeria76 pages Booklet
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Technology Projects: Experts’ Perception
European Scientific Journal (ESJ).

University of Azores,  Portugal


13November 2013Asiegbu B.C and Nwakanma I.C.ATM adoption and diffusion theory in selected banks in OwerriUniversity of Mauritius Research journalAccepted for publication
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the Hospitality Industry in Imo State

International Journal of Computer Science Issues.

http://www.ijcsi.org/contents.php?volume=11&&issue=4. Volume 11, Issue 4

17September 2014Nwakanma I.C., Ubani E.C, Asiegbu B.C and Ngene S.C.Total Quality Management: A Critical Component for Effective Delivery of

Manufacturing Project


International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology (ISSN: 2277-1581)

Volume No.3 Issue No.9, pp: 1160-1166 1 Sep 2014

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21November, 2014Nwakanma I.C.Taking Advantage of ICT for Youth Empowerment in NigeriaPaper delivered at Maiden Youth Conference held at St. Helen’s Catholic Church IreteOwerri Imo State. 24th– 30th November 2014
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252017Nwakanma I.C., Njoku C.E., Nwokonkwo O.C., Oguzie C.J.O. and Njoku PP.C.Factors Influencing the Involvement of Women in Technology Programmes in Nigerian Universities(Case Study of Federal University of Technology Owerri)International Conference on Gender Responsiveness for Capacity Building in a Depressed Economy. Organized by the Gender Studies Association of Nigeria (GSAN). Venue: Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri30 of book of Abstract



October 1, 2016:  Lecturer II

2016/2017 Academic Session 

2016/2017 Academic Session, FUTO, lecturing the following courses: IMT 201 (Introduction to Information Technology), IMT 411(Remote Sensing Technology), IMT 303 (Introduction to Telecommunication Technology), IMT 202 (Data Structure and Algorithm), IMT 318 (Business Telecommunication), IMT 508 (Systems Evaluation and Implementation), ENS 301 (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and ENS 302 (Business Creation and Growth).

October 23, 2012 –September 30, 2016:  Assistant Lecturer

2013/2014 – 2015/2016 Academic Session, FUTO, assisted in lecturing the following courses: IMT 411(Remote Sensing Technology), IMT 309 (Internet Technology), IMT 507 (Software Development), IMT 202 (Data Structure and Algorithm), IMT 318 (Business Telecommunication), IMT 508 (Systems Evaluation and Implementation), ENS 301 (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and ENS 302 (Business Creation and Growth).

July 31, 2006 –April 20, 2009:  Banking Assistant and Senior Banking Assistant

First Bank of Nigeria PLC Owerri Imo State:  Senior Banking Assistant (SBA) July 31, 2006 to April 20, 2009; Worked across various departments such as Cash, Accounts and Clearing, Clearing Representative to Owerri Clearinghouse of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Marketing, Administrative department, ATM deployment and finally Head of Customer Service unit. I rose from Banking Assistant to Senior Banking Assistant within eighteen (18) months of employment due to exceptional performance in cost cut strategy.

Supervision of about thirteen (38) undergraduate projects

Driving the Culture of Excellence