Department of Maritime Management Technology

About us


Management technology is the bridge between management/administration and conventional engineering and technology.  Any nation can establish with relative ease a bureaucratic system and science/technology as separate entities.  It is, however, difficult to equip the nation with personnel who can handle both management and technocrat can give sound advice to Management technical know-how but have little knowledge of the management/coordination aspects of the system.  The Department of Maritime Management technology is the appropriate ground for breeding technocrats for the Maritime industry.


Among the objectives of the Department are:

  1. To train technocrat-managers who can manage effectively the transport sector of the national economy.
  2. To provide the training locally since overseas training is cost-prohibitive.
  3. To produce graduates with proven ability who would be capable of making an effective contribution to the middle/upper management cadre level of planning, policy-making and management of transport organizations of Nigeria.
  4. To contribute to the development of the transport industry in Nigeria through joint research, seminar and workshop activities with national and international organizations.

Maritime Management Technology Options

Programme Title B.Tech Maritime Management Technology with the following options;

  • Shipping Management
  • Maritime Technology
  • Marine Resources Management

Each of the above specializations is a five-year programme.