Dr Uchechukwu Joseph Ihediwa


Dr Uchechukwu Joseph Ihediwa

Assistant Lecturer


In this 21st century, electronics touches almost every aspect of navigation, Hyperbolic systems, satellite systems and electronic charts, all require an increasingly sophisticated electronics suite and the expertise to manage them efficiently. Furthermore safety of personnel, environment, huge costs of goods running into tens, hundreds and perhaps even more in millions of dollars, call for efficiency, competency and accuracy. Such skill acquisition requires career long sea-going experience and capability. The research aims at highlighting those procedures that optimize safety and minimize marine disasters.

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • B.S., 1976 Marine Transportation, Massachusetts Maritime Academy. USA.
  • MSc, 1982, shipping and maritime studies Liverpool Polytechnic (Now John Moores University) U.K (with Relative Navigation as a major).
  • PhD (in view) in Maritime Management Technology

Working Experience

  • Cadet officer Massachusetts Maritime Academy 1973-1976
  • Qualified as officer U.S. Navy 1980
  • Sailed aboard SS GULF BRITON, a sister vessel to (i) SS GULF SCOT (ii) SS GULF DANE (iii) SS GULF FINN 1973

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