Department of Project Management Technology

About Us – PMT

Programme's Philosophy

The philosophy of the Project Management Technology Programme is to develop individuals with techno-managerial skills needed to drive and support economic growth and the application of systems approach to the management of projects within the objective constraints of time, cost and programme parameters.


The objectives of the department include among others,
  1. To train and hence produce technological managers who can efficiently and effectively manage technological oriented organizations and enterprises in all sectors of the natural economy.
  2. To train project personnel to be able to understand and appreciate the relationship between project executions and operations in order to achieve the stakeholder’s goals and aspirations.
  3. To equip students with adequate knowledge and skills that will enhance their performance capabilities.
  4. To establish appropriate linkages and relationships with other natural and international institution and bodies who are engaged in education, research and development activities in the field of management technology.
  5. To produce professionals who are equipped with policy formulation and implementation skills.

Mission Statement

The programme’s mission is to train and develop techno-managers who can successfully plan and execute developmental projects within the available resources constraints for the general benefit of the society at large.


The vision of the Department is to develop a Centre of Excellence South of Sahara where Structured Quality Teaching and Research are impacted for the purpose of Training Professionals in Project Management who adapt skills and align strategic training to enhance the delivery of quality projects for the development of the National Economy.

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