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School of Biological Sciences (SOBS) Constitutes various fields of coordinated studies aimed at harvesting the natural biological capabilities of living organisms. The School of Biological Sciences comprises of Department of Biochemistry that studies the natural constitution of living matter and maintenance of living of life in organisms, department of Biotechnology that focuses in developing and improving products and processes made from or for living systems and department of microbiology that studies microorganism and their applications and implications in health and the environment. Department of Forensic Science focuses on the deployment of scientific investigations and other logical methodologies in settling disputes and solving crimes with tasks involving collection and preservation of materials (such as trace/contact evidence from crime scenes), laboratory analysis of samples, accurate interpretation of results and testifying as an expert witness in a court of law.

Indeed, the study of life sciences can take up, most of the productive years of individuals involving fields and laboratory studies.

Administrative Structure

The SOBS is administered through the committee system. The most important of the committees is the School Board of Studies which is a committee of all academic staff with the Dean of SOBS as chairman. The School Board of Studies is responsible for all decisions making in the school of the SOBS and is responsible to the senate of the University.


Prof. F. U. Osuala

Dean, School of Biological Science
Email: @futo.edu.ng
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