School of Biological Science

About us


The philosophy of the School of Biological Sciences, Federal University of Technology Owerri is to provide adequate opportunity and in-depth training to expose students in Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Forensic Science. This is with a view to equipping the students in inter-disciplinary research work in the natural sciences. The emphasis of the school of Biological Sciences is on developing the skills and knowledge necessary for application in natural science challenges including Bio-engineering, Bio-physics, Biostatics and production processes.


  1. To expose students to a wide knowledge of natural sciences foundation and the required practical skills.
  2. To provide training and appreciation of inter and multi-disciplinary study to the solution of natural science challenges.
  3. To develop in students an appreciation of biological science approach in Industrial, economic, environmental, technological and social improvement.
  4. To adequately train students on the principles and procedures of inter-disciplinary research work in natural sciences.
  5. To develop in students an appreciation of achieving, stimulating and satisfying experience of studying and learning.


To produce world-class graduates with exceptionally high competences in Biological Sciences, technology and entrepreneurship, to the benefit of Nigeria and the world at large.


To engender technologically and practically oriented training in Biological Sciences geared towards enhancing creativity, self-employment and transformation of the national economy.

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