Raymond Ikechukwu Austin Nnadozie

Raymond N

Raymond Ikechukwu Austin Nnadozie

Lecturer [II]

E-mail: austin.nnadozie@futo.edu.ngaugustinennadozie2@gmail.com




Nnadozie Raymond Ikechukwu Austin.[Jr], is a Biomedical Scientist, currently teaching at the Department of Biology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, [FUTO]. Born on August 6th, 1969, in Okwanwoke, Isiokwu-Ihioma, Orlu LGA, Imo State. He started and completed his Primary Education [FSLC, 1982] in Santana (Boarding) Primary School, Awo-Omanma, Oru-East LGA, Imo State, enrolled and finished his Secondary School [WASC:1987], in Marist Brothers Juniorate, Uturu, Isikwuato-Okigwe, Abia State. Obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree [B.Sc [Hons] 1991], in Parasitology and Entomology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University [NAU], Awka, Anambra State.

He started his Master’s Degree [in 1998], in Public Health Parasitology&Entomology, under the supervision of Professor O.O Njoku [Dept. of Parasitology & Entomology, NAU], but later completed it [in 2009] under Prof. (Mrs) P.I.K Onyeka, Prof. C.N Ukaga and Prof B.E.B Nwoke’s, supervision [at The Department of Animal & Environmental Biology,[AEB], Imo State University, Owerri, [IMSU]. He is currently a Doctorate Student at the same AEB, Department, IMSU.

[In 1989 (Aug- Oct) & 1990 (Aug-Oct) respectively],He did his Student Industrial Training (IT) experience, at Raykon Laboratories Ltd, #.67 Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos- [one of The Pioneers of Radioimmunoassay & Hormonal Diagnostic Services in Nigeria & West Africa, where he acquired more interest in Medical Laboratory Sciences [MLS].

[In Oct.1994], Thereafter, he enrolled and completed his Post-Graduate Associate Medical Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria [AMLSN), from University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital [UNTH], Enugu State.[1994-1996].

[In Aug 1996], Sequel to his acquisition of Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria [MLSCN] Practicing License, he was immediately employed, and became The Technical Manager of Raykon Biomedical Diagnostic Ltd.-[The South-Eastern Branch of Raykon Laboratories, Lagos,- that performed virtually all endocrine associated clinical laboratory requests, from Chemical Pathology Department, of UNTH, Enugu.[1996-1998].

[In 1998], He joined Auspharm Pharmaceutical Nigeria. Ltd- a conglomerate in Pharmaceutical services and became the Medical Laboratory Scientist for Auspharm Medical Laboratories, [at #35 Hospital Road, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. [1998-2000]. 2


[In 2000]. He opened a flourishing Private Medical Laboratories Services [Centurion-Biomedics] @ Plot 148 Orlu Road, Owerri, Imo State (2000-2004).

[In May 2004], He was employed as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, as one of the foundation staff, at the Department of Microbiology & Parasitology, of Imo State University Teaching Hospital, [IMSUTH], Orlu.

[In June 2004], He initiated and proposed to the IMSUTH Chief Medical Director & Management for “The Establishment of Endocrine Associated Laboratory Diagnosis”, which was approved and implemented, and currently serves as one of the best reference (Standard) Diagnostic Centers, for South-Eastern Nigeria.

[At IMSUTH, 2004-2014]. He started teaching and had his 10years tutorial experience on Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] and Practices, on various Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology tests, Quality Laboratory Management Practice, Diagnosis of common and Endemic Parasitic and Bacterial Infections, CD4-Cell Counts analysis and interpretations, and other Medical Laboratory Science investigations, delivered to IMSU-Medical laboratory Students / Medical Students / Nursing Students / and other Industrial Trainee-Students, from several Institutions.

[In May 2014]. He was employed as an Assistant Lecturer, in the Department of Biology, Federal University of Technology Owerri, [FUTO]

[On 30th June 2014], In line with the vision of “Driving the Culture of Excellence” by the 7th Substantive Vice Chancellor [Prof. F. C. Eze] of FUTO, He proposed through his Head of Department and The Dean, to The Vice-Chancellor on “The Establishment of PCR Technology-a Molecular-based Diagnostic-Research Technique”, part of which, culminated in his being appointed by [Prof. J.N. Ogbulie ]-The Dean, as a Member of the committee for “The Establishment of a New Biotechnology Center, in FUTO.

[In August 2017].He was Promoted to Lecturer [II]. In all, he has taught for 14years [10years at IMSUTH and 4years at Biology Department of FUTO,

[At Biology Dept], He has taught 22 undergraduate courses and supervised over 15 undergraduate students in their Project and Seminar research works.

He was appointed [in March 2016], a Member Biology Department Accreditation Committee on Office Accommodation and Logistics and also a Member Biology Department ICT-[e-Library] Unit.[2016-Date]. He is the Class Adviser to [2014/2015] Session Biology Department Students

His Skills include: Elisa techniques for Hormonal Assay, Molecular Characterization of Parasitic and Bacteria Pathogens[Multiplex-PCR Assay for Soil Transmitted Helminthes [STH], Sexual Transmitted Infections [STI], Reproductive Tract Infections [RTI]; End-Point-PCR & Real-Time PCR Technology, Protein / DNA / RNA-Gel Electrophoresis, GeneXpert MTB / RIF [for Tuberculosis], Molecular-Based Microbial Source Tracking [MST] Techniques [for environmental and water-based-pathogens], CD4-Cell Count Analysis [by Flow Cytometer], Disease Mapping Techniques [via GIS, REMO and RAPLOA]. 3



  1. PhD Public Health Parasitology [in View]
  2. MSc Public Health Parasitology [2009]
  3. Post-Graduate-[AMLSN] Associate Medical Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria [1996]
  4. BSc Parasitology and Entomology [1991]
  5. FSCL First School Leaving Certificate [1982]


Public Health Parasitology& Entomology, Medical Microbiology, Epidemiology, Molecular Epidemiology, Molecular Diagnostics, PCR-Technology,


  • *Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist Of Nigeria [AMLSN],
  • *Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria,[PPSN],
  • *International Society of Infectious Diseases [ISID],
  • *Association For The Promotion of Solar Energy For Domestic And Industrial Use[APSEDIU].
  • *Nigerian Society of Microbiology [NSM].


  1. [In February 2018]. He was appointed External Technical Consultant to African Bioscience LTD-an emerging conglomerate in Sub-Saharan African-focused in Molecular-Based Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Training and Research Services, [Eg DNA-Analysis, Forensic Services, Gene-Sequencing, etc]
  2. [In November 2013]. He was appointed Member Local organizing committee LOC [Logistics], on Continuous Development Workshop CPD, organized by Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist Of Nigeria, AMLSN-Orlu-Zone, with Theme: Implementing Quality Management Systems, in Nigeria- Prospects & Challenges (Nov. 2013)
  3. [In December 2005]. He was appointed Chairman, Local Organizing Committee, LOC, for the 1st Public Lecture Series on “National Blood Transfusion Services, in South-Eastern Nigeria”, organized by Welfare Unit of Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist Of Nigeria, AMLSN-Orlu-Zone. 4


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