Anyadoh-Nwadike, Sylvia Onyinyechi

Anyadoh-Nwadike, Sylvia Onyinyechi,    PhD

Department of Biotechnology



Anyadoh-Nwadike, Sylvia Onyinyechi is a senior lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo  State. She holds a  B.Sc.  Hons.  in  Microbiology,  M.Sc  and PhD in Pharmaceutical  Microbiology. Her current research interest is on  Genetic profiling of Multidrug-Resistant Microorganisms and the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance of locally isolated.  Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus to specific antibiotics.  She also has a special interest in identification and isolation of antimicrobial substances from plants.  Dr. Anyadoh-Nwadike has been lecturing at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria since 2005. She is a member of many professional and non-professional bodies such as  Nigerian Society for Microbiology,  Nigeria  Environmental  Society, Organization for Women in Science in the developing world, International Research and Development Institute, Catholic Graduates Association etc. She has published in several national and international journals. Dr. Anyadoh-Nwadike is a reviewer for some journals.  She has also acted as guest editor to a special issue of the Science Journal of Public  Health.  Aside from academic

endeavours, she also indulges in community development working as a resource person and guest speaker in several issues especially concerning women and youths.

Academic/Professional Qualifications

B.Sc., Microbiology, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria -   2000

M.Sc., Pharmaceutical Microbiology, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria   - 2003

Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Microbiology, University of Benin, Benin city, Edo State -  2014

Certificate in Science Communication, Citta della Scienza Napoli, Italy  - 2009

Certificate in Module 1 of the TRREE Training Programme in Research Ethics Evaluation 2011

Certificate in Introductory Genomics -  2016

Research Interests

  • Antimicrobial Chemotherapy; Inhibition and Destruction of human microbial pathogens
  • Isolation and identification of novel organisms (especially plants) with antimicrobial activities
  • Genetic profiling of multi-drug resistant microbes of public health importance

Professional Experience

St Mary’s Joint Hospital Amaigbo Nwangele L.G.A. Imo State, Nigeria [In Charge of Microbiology Unit 2003-2004]

School Of Nursing, St Mary’s Joint Hospital Amaigbo Nwangele L.G.A. Imo State, Nigeria [Part-Time Lecturer 2003 – 2004]

Department of Biotechnology School Of Science Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State [Asst. Lecturer 2005 - 2008, Lecturer II 2008 -2011, Lecturer I 2011- 2014, Senior Lecturer 2014 to date]


Other Experiences

Organiser and moderator of Owerri Science Festival (Science at your Door Step) lecture series 2009

President Catholic Graduates Association, Owerri Ecclesiastical Province 2011 till date

Administrator, Senior Secondary School for Science Alumni Owerri Chapter and 93 set

Set lead, Senior Secondary School for Science Alumni Owerri Chapter and 93 set

Speaker on Teaching as a Career, at Light House Secondary School, Owerri, 2010

Speaker on the Youth: Freedom and Responsibility, Catholic Youths Association, Orlu Diocese, 2010

Speaker on the Youth and Leadership, Divine Love CCRN, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria 2014

Organizer of Leadership Seminar for Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students, Owerri Ecclesiastical Province 2015

Speaker on Teaching as a Career, at All Saint Schools Agip, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Feb. 2017

Speaker on Becoming a Scientist at All Saint Schools Agip, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Feb. 2017

Organizer, Our Children; Our Future, for children and youths of  Umuanya Amaigbo, Nwangele Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria (in-view)

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member Nigerian Society for Microbiology [NSM]

Member New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society

Member Biotechnology Society of Nigeria [BSN]

Member Science and Technology Forum, International Research and Development Institute.

Member Biotechnology Online Forum [BON]

Research and Development Network, International Research and Development Institute [IRDI].

Member, League of Researchers, IRDI.

Member, Biological systems and organisms group, Organization of Women in Science in developing countries

Reviewer, Asian Journal of Medical Sciences

Guest Editor and Reviewer, Science Journal of Public Health.

Some Publications

Anyadoh, S.O. (2010). Nutrition. In: Undergraduate Biology 1. (Anyadoh and Ezeji Eds.) Readon Publishers, Owerri. Chp. 3.

Anyadoh, S.O. (2010). Reproduction. In: Undergraduate Biology 1. (Anyadoh and Ezeji Eds.) Readon Publishers, Owerri. Chp. 4.

Osuala, F.O.U, Nnoli, M.C and Anyadoh, S.O. [2005] Antibacterial Activity of Two Local Medicinal Plants, Utazi [Gongronema latifolium] and Nchuanwu [Ocimium gratissimium]. International Journal for Natural and Applied Sciences[IJONAS] 1[1]: 36-39

Osuala, F.O.U and Anyadoh, S.O. (2006) Antibacterial Activity of Methanolic and Ethanolic Extracts of the Local Plant, Uziza [Pipe guineense]. International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences [IJONAS] 2[2]: 61-64

Ibekwe, V.I., Ezeji, E.U. and Anyadoh, S.O. (2007). Clean Up of Crude-Oil Contaminated Soils. Journal of Terrestrial and Aquatic Environmental Toxicology 1(2), 54-59.

Duru, C.M. and Anyadoh, S.O. (2009). Seed Rot Fungal Pathogen of Post Harvest Irvingia gabonensis in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems, 3 (2): 155-158

Anyadoh, S.O. (2010). Importance of Microorganisms in the Marketing of Pharmaceutical and Agricultural products In: arketing in Contemporary Nigeria. Ogbuji C. ed. Stramark Publishers, Owerri, Nigeria. Chp. 11.

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Eloilo, J.C., Anyadoh, S.O., Egbuonu, I., Ezechukwu, C.C. and Chukwuka, J.O. (2011). Impact of Social Status on the Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Nursery School Children. Paper Presented at The 42nd Annual General and Scientific Conference of Paediatric Assoc. of Nigeria Paediatricians, Abuja 2011.

Nnodim Johnkennedy, Anyadoh Sylvia Onyinyechi, NwosuNjoku Emmanuel Chukwunyere (2011).The antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation product of newly diagnosed and 6 weeks follow–up patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease, Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 292-294

Toochukwu Ekwutosi Ogbulie, Harriet Chinyelu Nwigwe, Sylvia Onyinyechi Anyadoh (2011). Comparative assessment of bioload of healthy and diseased oreochromis niloticus as means of food security. Universităţii din Oradea - Fascicula Biologie Tom. XVIII, Issue: 1, 2011, pp. 10-14

Akerele J.O., Anyadoh S.O, Ododo N.A And Ezem B.U. (2012). Prevalence of Candida albicans among Pregnant Women in Imo State Nigeria. International Journal of Biosciences and Technology, Volume 5, Issue 12, Pages: 59 – 66 59. ISSN: 0974 – 3987

Akerele John.O, Sylvia Anyadoh-Nwadike, Peter Nwadike (2012). Prevalence and Antibiogram of Multi-Drug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus among Pregnant Women attending Ante-natal Clinics in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Medical Sciences, 4 (3): 8 -14.

Okorondu S.I., Akujobi C.O., Okorondu J.N. and Anyadoh-Nwadike S.O. (2013). Antimicrobial activities of the leaf extracts of Moringa oleifera and Jatropha curcas on pathogenic bacteria. Intl. J. Biol Chem. Sci.7(1):195 - 202

Okorondu S.I., Akujobi C.O., Nnadi C.B., Anyadoh-Nwadike S.O. and Okorondu M.M.O. (2013). Prevalence and antibiotic sensitivity profile of urinary tract infection pathogens among pregnant and non pregnant women. Intl. J. Biol Chem. Sci. 7(4):1668 - 1677

Anyadoh-Nwadike S. O., Okereke J. N., Odah R., Obijekwu O., Okorondu S. I., Obasi K.O. (2015). Bacteriological Quality of Water Contaminated with Faecal Wastes from Livestock. Science Journal of Public Health.Special Issue: Who Is Afraid of the Microbes. Vol. 3, No. 5-1, pp. 29-33. doi: 10.11648/j.sjph.s.2015030501.16

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Ezeji, E. U., Udebuani, A. C., Okereke, J., Anyadoh-Nwadike, S., Onwurah, I. N. E., & Obasi, K. (2016). Effect of Dichlorvos on Reproductive Performance of Laying hens. Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, 8(4), 34-37.

Anyadoh, S.O. (2011). The Youth and the Church. Readon Publishers, Owerri, Nigeria. Pp.41

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