The Department appoints Class Advisers for the students at various levels. A class adviser registers the student on admission into level 1 and oversees the affairs of the students until the year of graduation. Therefore, students in the same year of study have the same Academic Adviser. Usually, the student writes to the Head of Department or other authorities through the academic adviser. In certain serious cases, the grievances may be processed to the Senate for determination through the school board of studies. Each class may choose to elect its own course representative (course-rep) who remains dire4ctly accountable to the class and may serve as a proxy between the department and students in the dissemination of information and classroom administration.

Some work aid schemes exist in the university to assist indigent students and these include:
a) University library
b) Centre for Industrial Studies (C.I.S.)
c) FUTO consults
d) Other special areas.

Awards are also available at the university, school and Department levels for students/graduates who attained academic and other distinctions.

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