Biotechnology Department

About us


Over the years Nigerian Universities have produced a large pool of manpower, at various levels, in the life sciences including pure and applied Biologists, Ecologists and Microbiologists. However, the country still lacks relevant manpower in the area of Biotechnology needed for her rapid technological development. The degree programme in Biotechnology has therefore been planned to give the students proper knowledge of biotechnological concepts, methods and techniques. The training will also equip them to be able to interpret biological phenomena at the molecular level and to apply such knowledge in addressing various developmental challenges.


The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To produce graduates for gainful employment in handling biotechnological issues in the industrial, medical/public health, environmental and agricultural sectors.
  2. To prepare and equip students for post-graduate research and development projects and professional studies in various areas of Biotechnology and its applications.
  3. To produce graduates who can be creative enough to be self-employed in establishing’ industrial, manufacturing and analytical concerns.


The Head of Department administers the Department through committees. In the Department, there are various committees such as Board of studies, Appraisals committee, Quality control & Examination malpractice committee, Sanitary committee, Examination/Results verification  Committee, Direct Teaching and Laboratory Costs Committee, Welfare Committee, Admissions Committee, Post-graduate Studies Committee, etc. Each member of the staff belongs to one or more of these committees, which takes a decision on different aspects of the Department. The Head of Department normally goes with the decisions of these committees to the Vice-Chancellor as Chairman of Senate or directly to the Senate, through the Dean of School of Biological Sciences. Similar committees exist at the school level and they work in tandem with the Departmental committees and accountable to the SOBS Board of Studies.

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