Barr. Okechukwu I. Oguoma


Barr. Okechukwu I. Oguoma

Assistant Lecturer



The Bursa of Fabricus which is an important tissue in the study of Gumboro disease in birds. This disease is highly contagious and affects young chickens, characterized by the destruction of the Lymphoid organs and particularly the Bursa of Fabricus, where ß-lymphocytes mature and differentiate, and causing immunnosuppression in birds. My special interests are in the control of Infectious Bursal Disease, immunnosuppression, immunological effects on the birds and in food microbiology.


Membership of Professional bodies

  • ♦  Member, American Society for Microbiology.
  • ♦  Member, Nigerian Society for Microbiology.
  • ♦  Member, Foundation for African Development through International Biotechnology [FADIB].
  • ♦  Oguoma, O.I., Ezeifeka, G.O., Egbuonu, A.V., Mbata, T.I and Amadi, E.S(2012). Effect of oral and intra-rectal infectious Bursal Disease Vaccination on immune response against Newcastle Disease in chicks. New York Science Journal;5(4).

  • ♦  Braide,W.,Oranusi,S.,Nwaoguikpe,R.N.,Akobondu,C.,Oguoma,O.I.,(2011).Cocoyam(Colocasia esculenta):An alternative raw material for vinegar production. Current Topics in Biotech.Vol.6,41-47

  • ♦  Braide, W.,Oranusi, S.,Udegbunam, L.I., Oguoma, O., Akobondu, C.,and Nwaoguikpe, R.N.,(2011).Microbiological quality of an edible caterpillar of an emperor moth,Bunaea alcinoe. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment.Vol.3(3)

  • ♦  Oranusi, S.,Madu, S.A., Braide, W., and Oguoma, O.I.,(2011).Investigation on the safety and probiotic potentials of yoghurts sold in owerri metropolis in Imo state Nigeria. Journal of Microbiology and Antimicrobials.Vol.3(6),146-152.

  • ♦  Amadi, E.S., Oguoma, O.I., Ibekwe, V.I., Abanobi, S.E., and Chikata, N.A. (2011). Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of coagulase negative Staphylococci isolated from Eziobodo community inhabitants. 19th Annual Conference of the Foundation for African Development through International Biotechnology. (FADIB); 9th -10th November, IMT, 2011 pp.7.

  • ♦  Amadi, E.S., Oladimeji, S.A. , Ononiwu, C.E., Aballa, N., Omale, J.J., Aneke, F.A., Oguoma, O.I, and Udoye, A. (2010). Prevalence of multi-drug resistant staphylococci among patients and work environment of a Dental institution and the effects of local plants. 34th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM), 18th -22nd October, FUTO 2010, pp. 156.

  • ♦  Ukoha, C.C., Ezeifeka, G.O., Oguoma, O.I and Amadi, E.S (2010). Effect of adjuvants on intramuscularly vaccinated broilers against Newcastle Disease virus. 34th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM), 18th -22nd October, FUTO 2010, pp.146.

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