Abanno Ndidi Ugomma

B Sc., M Sc., PhD.

Abanno Ndidi Ugomma

Lecturer II



The discharge of heavy metals in terrestrial eco-system has been of major environmental concern. These chemicals have an adverse effect on microbial biomass and its activity, which play an important role in biological cycles of almost all the major plant nutrient cycling, soil nutrient cycling and in maintaining soil fertility. To monitor such negative effect on the ecology, microorganisms and enzymes are used. They are sensitive to heavy metal pollution and are known to be vital for the efficient functioning of any ecosystem, thus factors that affect their metabolism, distribution and abundance are of great concern. They are therefore used as early warning indicators of ecosystem stress. Monitoring microbial enzyme activities such as dehydrogenases, phosphatases, glucosidases and FDA has been known to be highly sensitive to metals and its assay a representation of the metabolic capacity of soil thus indicating soil microbial activities. The effect of heavy metal on soil has been found to be affected by the heavy metal, concentration of metal, time of exposure and soil type.


Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • ♦  Ph.D., 2012, Environmental Microbiology.
  • ♦  M.Sc., 2005, Industrial Microbiology.
  • ♦  B.Sc., 2000, Industrial Microbiology.

Membership of Professional bodies

  • ♦  Member, American Society for Microbiology (ASM).
  • ♦  Member, Society for Applied Microbiology (SFAM).
  • ♦  Member, Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM).
  • ♦  Member, Organization for Women in Science for Developing World (OWSDW).
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  • AKUJOBI, C.O., NJOKU, H.O., ABANNO, N.U., OKORONDU, S.I., and OGBULIE, J.N. Effect of different organic nutrient supplements on the total heterotropic counts and diesel oil degradation in diesel polluted soil. International Journal of biological and chemical sciences. 2009. 3(6):1480-1490.

  • AKUJOBI, C.O., NWUGO, V.I., ABANNO, N.U. and OKORONDU, S.I. Effects of animal waste treatments of diesel polluted soils on hydrocarbon- utilizing microbial counts and oil degradation. International Journal of biological and chemical sciences. 2009. 5(2):157-163.


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