Mr. Valentine Enyinna Anyanwu

Mr Valentine Enyinna Anyanwu


Assistant Lecturer



Microorganisms are undoubtedly a unique and astonishing gift of nature to Man. Though microbes could be double-faced in their functions, it is an established fact that they could be explored to better Human existence. The use of these organisms and their metabolites in Biosynthesis, Biotransformation, Biodegradation and Enhanced Oil Recovery are few of such positive exploration of Microbes. Interestingly, these Organisms could be manipulated at the gene level and through process optimization for better results. Mr Anyanwu’s research interests are centred at exploring and manipulating Microorganisms for real-time Industrial, Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Medical advances that will result in a scientific patent, advancement and revolution. Finally, newer systems, aspects, fields and research approaches in reference Nanotechnology, Quorum sensing, Micromanipulation and Bioinformatics have gained popularity. A loop into these will have outstanding and endless possibilities.



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