Mr. Christian C. Opurum

Christian C. Opurum

Lecturer II



Across the globe, mankind is producing more refuse than ever before, creating unprecedented problems to the environment. People in developed countries throw away mountains of thrash, likewise those in the third world countries. These mountains of thrash, with the offensive odour emanating from them constitute the major source of environmental pollution. Interestingly, it has been discovered that huge sum of revenue is lying beneath these mountains of thrash and these thrash can be converted to treasure. The demand for food, fuel and energy resources continues to increase worldwide currently, there are many international efforts aimed at finding renewable sustainable, and environmental - friendly solutions to these problems. In addition, climate change is a growing concern around the world and stakeholders are aggressively seeking energy sources and technologies that can mitigate the impact of global warming. Renewable energies (naturally replenished) have been identified as a prime source of ‘clean’ energy, as they emit few or no net GHGs (Green House Gases) into the atmosphere. As a result, it is necessary for both developed and developing countries to work hand-in-hand to find alternative energy sources and to spread their use. It is against this background that I initiated a research work on Anaerobic Digestion of Lignocellulosic Organic Wastes (Corn stover and Rice Straw) for Biogas Production.

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  • Agboke, A.A., Uduma, E.O., Opurum, C. C.,Ibezim, E.C. (2011). Evaluation of Microbiological Quality of some Soybean Milk Products consumed in Nigeria Prime Research in Medicine (PROME), vol.1 (2), Pp.025-030.

  • Osonwa, U. E., Agboke A.A., Amadi, R.C., Okorie, O., and Opurum, C. C. (2011). Bioequivalence studies on some selected brands of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride tablets in the Nigerian market with ciproflox® as innovator brand. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 01 (06); 80-84.
  • ♦  Feron Jon Pharm. Industries Ltd, Mgbidi,Imo state.
  • ♦  Assistant Q/C Manager, Encristo Pharm. Industries Ltd, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.
  • ♦  Microbiologists & Good manufacturing practice Officer,Helt Humania Pharm. Industries Ltd, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.
  • ♦  Quality Control Manager

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