Mrs. Ngozi Ursulla Nwogwugwu

Ngozi Ursulla Nwogwugwu

Lecturer II



I am delighted to give an account of my barely three-year experience as an Assistant Lecturer. Since I joined the department, I have had the opportunity to interact with students, lecturers and other members of the University Community. In a developing country as Nigeria that I find myself, I wish to make a positive impact for the general well being of our population.  Employing the characteristic attributes of microorganisms such as rapid multiplication has gone a long way in helping us better the society in which we live in. Metabolic products of microorganisms have been of use in the industry. Also, microbiological methods of analysis and assessment have proven relevance in the control of major foodborne illnesses. I am interested in the research on the metabolic processes and products of microorganisms that are beneficial to man, as well as the control of diseases of public health importance. I teach undergraduate students in the different aspects of microbiology.I am presently developing a proposal for my PhD work on the microbial production of bioethanol from cellulosic biomass and welcome collaborations from other scholars in this line of research. I will conclude that my stay has been a challenging, worthwhile and happy experience for me and my students. “I would like to achieve a balanced approach to teaching/ learning and ensure that students enjoy that experience. The learning experience should be enjoyable for all concerned”. “I like helping students reach their full potential”.

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