Microbiology Department

Staff List

Staff List / Staff with Other Responsibilities

Academic Staff
S/NO NAME RANK Area of Specialization
1. Prof L.E. Aririatu Professor Immunology/Immunochem.
2. Prof. (Mrs.) R.N. Nwabueze Professor Medical/Environmental Microbiology
3. Prof. Ogbulie J.N Professor Applied and Environmental Microbiology
4. Prof. V.I. Ibekwe Professor Ind. /Environmental Microbiology
5. Prof. (Mrs.) J. C. Orji Professor Environmental/Ind. Microbiology
6. Prof. E.S. Amadi Professor Medical Microbiology/Virology
7. Prof. S. I. Okorondu Professor Applied and Industrial Microbiology
8. Prof. C.O. Nweke Professor Environmental/Ind. Microbiology
9. Prof. C.E. Nwanyanwu Professor Environmental/Ind. Microbiology
10. Dr I.E. Adieze Reader Environmental/Public Health Microbiology
11. Dr C. O. Akujobi Reader. Environmental Microbiology
12. Prof. W. Braide Reader Food/Industrial Microbiology
13. Dr. (Mrs.) C.I. Chikwendu Reader Medical/Public Health Environmental Microbiology 
14. Dr I.N. Nwachukwu Snr. Lect Applied Microbiology/Plant Pathology
15. Dr E.C. Chinakwe Snr.  Lect. Agric. Microbiology/Public Health
16. Dr R.K. Obi Lect I Medical Microbiology/Virology
17. Mr. N.C. Ewelike Lect I Industrial/Environmental Microbiology
18. Dr. (Mrs) E.E. Mike-Anosike Lect I Food / Industrial Microbiology
19. Dr C.C. Opurum Snr. Lect. Environmental/Ind. Microbiology
20. Dr. (Mrs.) N.U. Nwogwugwu Snr. Lect. Food / Industrial Microbiology
21. Mr O.I. Oguoma Lect I Medical Microbiology/Virology
22. Dr. (Mrs.) M.C. Emeakaroha Lect II Medical Microbiology
23. Mrs C. B. Nwaneri Lect II Environmental Microbiology
24. Mr N.A. Nwogu Lect II Environmental/Public Health Microbiology
25. Dr O. Mejeha Asst. Lect Environmental Microbiology
26. Ejeagba O. Imo Asst. Lect  
27. Mr V.E. Anyanwu Asst. Lect Applied Microbiology
28. Miss C. K. Akaluka Asst. Lect Industrial Microbiology
29. Mr E. O. Emmanuel Asst. Lect Medical Microbiology
30. Mr R.  Nwokorie Asst. Lect Environmental Microbiology
31. Miss I. I. Nwokediuko Asst. Lect Medical Microbiology
32. Mr C. C. Ngumah Asst. Lect Environmental Microbiology
33. Mr S. A. Adeleye Asst. Lect Food/Industrial Microbiology
34. Mr C. U. Ndukwe G. A. Environmental Microbiology
35. Mrs Chioma Mark-Ogu G. A.  
36. Mr Ecmacanthony N Echendu G. A. Environmental Microbiology
37. Miss O. F. Otuneme G. A. Food Microbiology
38. Miss Faith Ogbonna G. A.  




1. Miss. Akobundu C.I. Deputy Chief Technologist
2. Mrs Eze Chinwe Assistant Chief Technologist
3. Mrs Uzoho Kelechi Happiness Technologist I
4. Mrs Ogu Nkechi Pamela Technologist I
5. Mrs. Kemka Ugochi Nneka Senior Technologist
6. Miss. Onwuliri Chioma Joan Senior Technologist
7. Miss. Ejide Catherine C. Senior Technologist
8. Miss. Nlemolisa Oluchi R. Technologist I
9. Mr Omeokachie Ifeanyi M. Technologist I
10. Mrs Amafule Ifunanya Technologist I
11. Mrs. Henry-Uzoukwu Chinwendu Technologist II
12. Onesimus Agidi Technologist II
13. Miss Ikwuoma Njionye Technologist II
14. Ibrahim A. Chiroma Technologist II
15. Mrs Ogidi Salome Nwanyisunday Assistant Chief Lab. Supervisor
16. Mr Ozoemena N.J. Senior Lab. Supervisor
17. Mr Okwudili N. Chibundu Technologist
18. Onyinyechi Mbah Technologist



1. Mrs Onwuzuruigbo Faith Senior Assistant Registrar/DAO
2. Mrs Obiyo Onyinye C. Assistant Registrar
3. Mrs Ugah Chinyere N. Assistant Chief Clerical Supervisor
4. Miss Oparanozie Chinyere Principal Computer Operator
5. Mrs Ekeoma Celestina C. Principal Clerical Officer


Departmental Responsibilities for 2019/2020 Academic Session

Academic Class Advisers
Regular Students


  1. 2019/2020 – Dr R.K. Obi/Mr Nguma Chima
  2. 2018/2019 – Dr O.K. Mejeha
  3. 2017/2018 – Dr. (Mrs) N.U. Nwaogwugwu
  4. 2016/2017 – Dr. (Mrs) Mike-Anosike
  5. 2015/2016 – Dr. (Mrs) Mike-Anosike
  6. 2014/2015 – E.C. Chinakwe
  7. 2013/2014 – Dr. (Mrs) C.I. Chikwendu
  8. 2012/2013 – Dr C. Akujobi
  9. 2011/2012 – Dr I.N. Nwachukwu
  10. 2010/2011 – Mr O.I. Oguoma
  11. 2009/2010 – Dr C.C. Opurum


    • 2011/2012  – Mrs Nwaneri
    • 2010/2011  – Mr Chinakwe
    • 2009/2010  – Mr Imo
    • 2008/2009  – Dr Akujobi


  • ASSISTANT    –   Dr. (Mrs) C.I. Chikendu

TIMETABLE OFFICERS     –     Mr Ewelike

  • ASSISTANT     –     Mr Nwokorie


  • ASSISTANT    –     Dr Obi.

SIWES MATTERS COORDINATOR      –      Dr. (Mrs) Mike Anosike

  • ASSISTANT    –     Dr O.K. Mejeha

NAMS ADVISER    –     Mr O.I. Oguoma               

  • ASSISTANT     –     Mrs C.B. Nwaneri

LIBRARY COORDINATOR     –     Dr Chinakwe

  • ASSISTANT     –     Mr Ndukwe


  • ASSISTANT     –     Mrs C.B. Nwaneri

SECRETARY DEPARTMENTAL PG BOARD     –     Mrs Faith Onwuzuruigbo

SECRETARY DEPARTMENTAL BOARD    –     Mrs Faith Onwuzuruigbo




    • Dr. (Mrs) N.U. Nwogwugwu                               Chairman
    • Mrs C. Eze                                                               Member
    • Dr C.C. Opurum                                                    Member
    • Mr C.U. Ndukwe                                                   Member
    • Mrs C.B. Nwaneri                                                  Member
    • Prof. E.S. Amadi                                                    Chairman
    • Prof. R.N. Nwabueze                                            Member
    • Prof. J.N. Ogbulie                                                  Member
    • Prof. V.I. Ibekwe                                                    Member
    • Prof. (Mrs) J.C. Orji                                              Member
    • Prof. S.I. Okorondu                                               Member
    • Prof. C.E. Nwanyanwu                                         Member
    • Dr. (Mrs) C. Chikwendu                                       Member
    • Dr C.O. Akujobi                                                     Member
    • Dr I.E. Adieze                                                         Member
    • Dr W. Braide                                                          Member
    • Dr C. C. Opurum                                                   Member
  3. Planning Committee
    • All staff not below the rank of senior lecturer
  4. Academic Linkage Committee
    • Dr R.K. Obi                                                 Chairman
    • Prof. C.E. Nwanyanwu                             Member
    • Dr I.E. Adieze                                             Member
    • Dr O.K. Mejeha                                         Member
    • Mr N. Nwogu                                             Member
  5. Departmental Lecture Series Committee
    • Dr R.K. Obi                                                  Chairman
    • Dr O.K. Mejeha                                         Member
    • Dr E.C. Chinakwe                                      Member
    • Mr N.C. Ewelike                                         Member
    • Miss I. Nwokediuko                                   Member
  6. Environmental Sanitation Committee
    • Mr O. Oguoma                                          Chairman
    • Mr Imo                                                         Member
    • Mr C. Ndukwe                                           Member
    • Mrs C.B. Nwaneri                                      Member
    • Mr C. Nguma                                              Member
  7. Research Group Chairpersons
    • Environmental Microbiology    –     Dr I.E. Adieze
    • Food and Industrial Microbiology    –     Dr W. Braide
    • Medical Microbiology    –     Dr R.K. Obi
  8. Grant Coordinator  –   Dr. R.K. Obi
    • ASSISTANT     –     Dr O.K. Mejeha, Mr N. Nwogu
  9. ICT Coordinator     –    Mr Nwogu
    • ASSISTANT      –     Mr Ndukwe

Note: The Department to submit soft copies of the results to HOD/Exam Officer.

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